Model:Cycles Tips & Tricks Thread

Just realized that the Control all function works for moving the machines. So you can move all the tracks over one at the same time. This is truly the box that keeps on giving.


Not following this trick? Can you elaborate?

I’ve made some good twang-like sounds with a Chord machine. I’ll share my settings in AM.


Ok so just to follow up on this. I was testing to see if machine locked trigs are affected by this hoping that they wouldn’t be then you could change all the machines on like 5 or 4 tracks with control all. Sadly they are still affected. However it vastly changes the sound, but still keeps it on the Machine locked Machine. So if you have trigs on a 2 and 4 of a track and Machine lock them to snares, you can then change the machine of the track and get different snare sounds. It’s opened up whole new sound designs for me. This thing rules.

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Ok. I made a good bass guitar type sound:
It was the Tone Machine actually
Pitch -24
Decay 25
Tone: 1
Shape: 72
Shape 38
Contour 52
Vol/Distort 90
Gate on

Playing them sequentially, and it’s a nice rough distorted bass sound.


Anyone got starting point tips for acid-ish basses?

Did a nice droney, ambient-ish gig with it last week (see: Amsterdam, tomorrow dec. 12th: presenting Cycles, a live AV act featuring). Wanna get into techno territory this holiday :slight_smile:

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Hmm, without a resonant filter it’d be tricky, but give me a couple of days and I’ll see if I can find some tricks :metal:


The challenge is on! :slight_smile:

Will try some myself.

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Blush response does a good one here (Genos track at 14:30):


I’m not there yet, but I’ve been messing around with plocks and LFOs on contour, shape and distortion and it’s in there somewhere, I just can’t quite get it.


So when you change the machines on the tracks hold the control all button will change all the machines on all the tracks. Eventually you hit a “wall” and all the tracks become the same machine. Super fun for mangling up your tracks and then use “func+pattern” to reload


Face-palmed myself today… Reshuffling my setup to accommodate for the M:C alongside AR, MD and the FX boxes. Dusting off the ol’ BCR2000 to control AR track levels and performances, and M:C mutes and track levels. Fits nicely on the BCR’s knobs 'n buttons and still have a few to spare. Great plan. Then when I had everything wired up I finally realized that 12 MIDI channels for AR tracks plus 6 channels for M:C tracks don’t quite fit within the 16 channels that one MIDI line will allow…

BCR2000 has a bunch of very useful routing modes but not one that allows sending a control output to MIDI output A and another to out B. They all have to go to the same out(s). I already know the answer to this one but I’ll try anyway: any genius idea for letting me control all 6 M:C levels & mutes alongside the 12 AR tracks (without adding devices)? AR and M:C share the same CC #'s 94 and 95 for track mute and level.


Finally got round to this last night.

Would you mind giving me a bit of a practical application for this? I applied the hold trigger to pitch and MC obligingly spewed out some great patterns I would be hard pushed to program.

Only thing is that if you then stop MC , on restart the pattern is lost , I’m assuming this is because the LFO then starts at a different point . So from that point of view it seems more geared towards improvisational live jamming rather than being able to you being able to predict it’s behavior.

Not sure if I’m missing the point though! Are you applying it to pitch or other parameters ? Any guidance welcome …

Mostly other parameters.

Regarding it starting at different places each time, I guess that’s another limitation of the Model boxes. On the higher tier machines, you can parameter lock the LFO mode at the beginning of the pattern, to briefly set it to TRIG before going back to HOLD. I don’t usually bother with that though, and just embrace uncertainty :smiley:

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Thanks . Maybe I need to let go more!

Can you tell me how I would parameter lock it to TRIG at the outset before it reverts to HOLD as per the saved preset. Can this be achieved through a menu or would I send a CC val ?

Also, excuse my ignorance but can you explain what you mean when you say a Higher Tier machine . Are you referring to the LFO multiplier?

By higher tier machine I mean the Digi* machines, or the Analog machines, or the Octatrack.

You probably can’t use MIDI CCs to lock it, apart from connecting one of the above machines, but that kinda defeats the purpose.

I’m with you now … many thanks .

How to repeat the first pattern in a chain. E.g. A01-A01-A02.

At first glance looks like it’s not possible, but the process is documented here. If you just follow those steps exactly, and also read the follow-up reply you should find you’re able to do it.

Just linking to existing info … hope that makes it more easy to to find.

LEN Sets the duration of the retrig velocity curve in fractions of, or rational or integer multiples of, a step (0,125–INF). 1/16 is the nominal length of one step. This setting affects the behavior of the velocity curve by defining the boundaries of its envelope.

Hi everyone, this exert from the manual refers to the retrig set up menu .

I’m probably missing something here , but if I have the rate set to 1/16 and LEN to 1/4 , i’d expect it to stop retriggering after 1 beat . Not the case though, it just carries on until you release the pad !

Weird , as the same settings in TRIG REPEAT MENU does the job .

Anyone got an idea where i’m going wrong ?

Is GATE active?