All General Digitone Operating Questions


[Solved!] Had Quantize turned all the way to full/127 on that track, turned out the micro timing-trick didn’t work that way! Guess I had to pay for my lousy timing playing by hand!:tongue:


@Ryan there is indeed a Transpose setting in the « chord » menu.
Easy to overlook, I would investigate there :slight_smile:

In another field, filter doesn’t track pitch as default. I often put it to 100 when I create a new sound…


I’m not sure thats tied to the sound, but to the sequencer-

The issue turned out to be in relation to the sound setup page- octave setting


Damn there’s another octave setting there ?

I am quite positive the octave transpose doesn’t affect all the sounds in the same time. But it may not be a Sound setting neither.


I just learned about the Direct Track Transpose and the Direct Pattern Transpose :star_struck:
This machine is outright amazing!


When using an external controller to control the DN thru Ableton the mod wheel on the controller also affects pitch bend in the DN Modulation Setup page. This seems wrong. Meaning everytime I try to mod wheel something it also pitch bends. What am I missing here?


If I have several patterns chained, is it possible to have one or more of the patterns repeat several times before moving on to the next pattern in the chain?

EDIT: I found it in the manual literally right after I submitted this question - M.LEN and CH.LEN settings…


My tip :slight_smile:

Beware mucking around in the Presets project, making a new cool pattern, playing with sound locks, loving life hitting save but not realising the project is locked, and missing the error message, then reloading the pattern back to the saved state, which is actually nothing

sad face

might copy that preset project out to a seperate unlocked project that I can destroy to my hearts content.

Anyway, carry on

I really hope this is last time I experience sad face just lost my whole pattern Elektron lyf

Or, if I could have my way with the Elektron gods, would be for the patterns in the preset proj to be locked, not the proj, so newbie users don’t try and have fun and the first time they hit save they get a message that says ‘error’ - could be quite disheartening to those not in the know


‘Project Locked’ would be much more appropriate, in fact the save prompt should not even be possible in this instance


Don’t know if this has already been answered for you but if not:

I use DT+DN+KS

So the midi out from my DN goes to the DT for Midi clock.

The second midi out (sync port) goes to the KS

The KS midi out goes to the DN midi in

The KS has dip switches on the back, set these to sync from Midi clock in

Now with this setup the KS is always locked in perfect sync with the DN bpm.

The arp and sequencer on the KS have a division setting to change the speed

Works great!


Woah hold up…
I know about the track transpose, what’s this pattern transpose!!

Rtfm right now :joy:

Edit: ok this is awesome, had no idea there was pattern transpose. Very cool and so useful. Love that it transposes the midi tracks too


whoa! I just accidentally stumbled upon this, but:

if you are playing the Digitone/external synth from a midi keyboard through the Digitone, and you have a scale selected, you can only play the notes of that scale.

I don’t know if this feature if ordinary- but that’s pretty cool to me


Like the Native instruments keyboards where you can set scale and send those notes out only


Precisely- but instead it’s a tiny little box that does it for you(albeit not as vast as the scales on the NI Kontrol(yet)(or, most likely, ever))


Just got my Digitone yesterday. Curious if there’s a way to see the sounds that have been selected for each parameter lock. When I hold the track button I see the name of the main sound in the display but don’t see it change to the new sound on steps. How can you see what sounds were assigned to various steps in patterns?
Thanks, Dan


If you hold the trig and a sound has been locked to it, the name of the sound will pop up in the top row.


Thanks but I don’t see it happening. I hold the Trig button and under the icons changes to numbers. Only way I see any sound at all is holding the T1 to T4 buttons but it never changes. For instance - Pattern A02 def has a Kick and Snare on T3 but I just see Thug Kick on the display. I am playing the sequencer while trying this; is there another mode to see the sound changes per step?


Hmm, I just tried it and it works for me, with the sequencer stopped and playing. I hold a trig, turn the level knob to change the sound, then whenever I hold that same trig again the sound name pops up at the top of the screen.

Are you on OS 1.02? I’m sure it was the same in previous OS versions but just making sure…


Just to make it clear, if you have sound locks in your track, the sound name shouldn’t change when you’re holding the track buttons; it just shows the sound that is assigned to the track.


Just an easy workflow thing I found… back on the old Analog boxes I used to run in instant pattern switch mode… made it easy to jump around patterns…the Digi boxes don’t have it but I noticed you can hold PTN and just hit STOP / Pattern x / PLAY all in rapid fire and it gets you into your next pattern pretty quick


The name will only pop up if a preset sound has been assigned to that trig. In some of the preset demos this will not happen since many of the sounds are made purely with parameter locks.