All General Digitone Operating Questions


Yeah, what I’m wondering is are there any sounds in the sound pool?
OP are you using the preset project or did you start an new one?
If you started a new one there won’t be any sounds in the sound pool and you’d have to make some, place them in the sound pool, and then add them to some of the trigs on a sequence…

It was said a few times but, you hold down one of the trigs of a sequence, like step 3 or step 9 or whatever, but not the track button. If there are sounds in the sound pool, you just turn the track level knob while holding down a step and you can scroll through a list to select it…


A bit curious as a non digitone owner, what happens to voices with a long release on a track when you do a sound lock to change the sound to something else? Do they trail off just the same, cutt off or turn into the release of the new sound? Is the track limit there to limit the amount of types of sounds that can play at once to 4?


Depends on the polyphony settings for the track. If it’s not mono, the new sound won’t cut the previous sound off, but only if they’re two different notes. For example, two C-5 notes will cut each other off, but a C-5 and a D-5 won’t. I consider this a bit of a bug, but can work around it.


So I’m just starting to use my Digitone, but there’s one issue I’ve encountered and that’s the metronome not working properly. I’ve turned it on and have the volume turned up to 127 yet I don’t hear a click or anything coming through. Also, when loading preset sounds, most of the presets don’t make any sound, regardless of which track I assign them to. Some presets work, but it seems a large amount don’t. Am I just completely noobing it? The track volume is up, and I’ve checked the syn volumes, etc.


You can scroll faster by holding down function and pressing the up or down arrow key. It doesn’t jump to the end, but you won’t spend all day scrolling.


Is the sequencer running when you have the metronome on?

Check your voice allocation by pressing the unison (lips) button and for each track and make sure you don’t have one track assigned to all 8 voices, or a similar allocation that would choke other tracks (any combination of tracks less than four totaling 8 voices).


Yeah my problem was fixed at 1.02, as it now allows you to edit the tags when saving the sound… and also automatically skips to the end of the +drive list.


Just got mine, so I didn’t experience the updates. Good to know!


So i figured out the problem was an audio issue with my 1/4 connection, both issues have resolved after replacing the cable! Thought my unit was fucked for a minute.


Bank keys
Just hold the arrow down
Or filter


yeah lol that post was from nearly two months ago, it’s all good now :smiley:


Is there a way to switch tracks when in mute mode without exiting mute mode?


Is it possible to hook the Digitone up to a DAW via midi, draw in notes on the piano roll, then add those notes internally to the Digitone sequencer?

For example, I want to draw out a chord progression, but then tweak it later while unplugged from the DAW.


yes, you can live record the midi from the DAW into the DN.


Just record the notes sent by the DAW.


Say I have a 4 bar pattern and am working on editing the 4th bar. Is there a way to have the sequencer loop just that portion of the pattern so I don’t have to always audition the first 3 bars first?

Same question applies to the Digitakt, but I assume, if this doable, it’d work the same way.


No. The simplest workaround would be to use page 1 on another pattern and copy&paste stuff around.


That is a good idea! Thanks!


That was one of the first things I was looking for when I got my Analog Rytm and it would be very very helpful if we could loop just the Page we are on!


I’m having the same issue re:pitch bend from Keystep>Digitone>external…have you found a solution to this???