All General Digitone Operating Questions


Is there any other way to design sounds on an Elektron machine than twisting knobs? :wink:

(sampling excluded, of course, but even for sampling you will normally twist some knobs)


Right :grinning:
But I meant exploring all the numerous sound possibilities hands on rather than studying some complex math or methods and trying to make something from that.


I’m going to start saving my sounds. Thanks for the tip.

(I’ve barely used sounds at all, they feel so clunky, but I should learn.)


I don’t think anyone is going to answer because those very specific questions are answered in the manual very specifically


Oh, my, I’m in the Digitone section! I was talking about Digitakt sounds. How embarrassing. Do excuse me.

(I’m still gonna start saving sounds though, on my DT!)



I’m trying to replicate some of the preset patches on this nifty little device- parameter by parameter.

I finally get the sound similar- but I have to offset the playing octave to sync the two together- is there some page or parameter that I’m missing for synthesis?


If I understand correctly shouldn’t you be able to just set the octave of the carrier operator up or down? If this doesn’t work alone, then adjust the ratios of the modulators also?


Check the transpose setting?


Thanks for your replies- it’s none of those. The operator ratio and keyboard are dialed into the exact same setting and I believe the transpose is connected to the sequencer and not the actual note(also, I checked that already :smiley: )

On the LFO page there are Operator pitch destinations- as far as I know, those parameters aren’t available directly- perhaps the presets utilize parameters that aren’t open? Perhaps something for the 2nd page of the Syn1 page(#Hope)?


Mmm…don’t own one so no more wild guesses sorry :grinning:


I appreciate the advice you managed to round up. That’s like being broke but offering me the quarter in your pocket :heart:


Well, it’s some parameter… You have to hunt for it, track it down… Maybe a dog could sniff it out… :smile:


It’s OS 1.02- a small detail like this is equally likely to be a bug as much as user error.

Given my knowledge of fm and this device- I couldn’t place a wager either way


FUNC+TRIG page button goes to the sound setup menu (I think? Not in front of mine right now). In that menu there is an octave setting that is different to the “trig key octave” setting.


That’s it! Must be a bug that causes presets to load as an octave below

Edit: nvm that’s the default setting. Thanks for steering me in the right direction

(Also you were right on the money regarding the key combination)


I have a setup like this: Arturia KeyStep controller > Digitone > Other External Synths, all MIDI DIN. With the 1.02 update, I now have no problem using the KeyStep to sound notes on the Digitone, or using the MIDI tracks to sound notes on the external gear (just using Auto Channel, so MIDI 1 on CH 5, MIDI 2 on CH 6, etc.).

But, I can’t seem to get the external gear to respond to Pitch or Mod Wheel/Strip when going through the Digitone. If the KeyStep is connected to them directly, no problem. And the Digitone recognizes Pitch/Mod for its internal tracks. It just doesn’t seem to pass the modulations on to external gear. I’ve messed with the Sound Settings for Pitch, tried enabling the knobs in settings for the MIDI tracks to see if that would work. The external synths will respond to the Digitone’s knobs, but still doesn’t pass thru anything but notes from the controller.

Anyone else encounter this? Is this a user error, bug or a limitation? TIA!


I do apologyze. The informations I was looking for were actually in the manual but in a unexpected section of it (for analog machines user at least). Thank you


I cannot answer you questions but I was just looking into getting the Arturia KeyStep these days for use with the Digitone.
How do you deal with the lack of Bpm display if you want it’s sequencer to sync properly? I cannot comprehend why they left out such an important feature but is there a way around it? Can you get the main clock tempo from the DN into the KeyStep while still playing the DN with it? I guess if you bring your laptop it isn’t a problem…
(Someone mentioned using an iPhone for BPM display but that seems quite a nuisance to set up each time.)


In this case, I do use the DN for clock. My exact setup at the moment is actually KS MIDI Out > DN MIDI In, and DN MIDI Out to a Quadra Thru which sends MIDI out to a Minitaur, a Peak, and SH-01A and to the KeyStep (for clock).

With the KS, I do usually use something else for clock, like the TR-09. If I’m in a setup without clock (like KS > Minitaur, or KS > Peak), I do use an iPhone with an app for metronome and setting BPM. It’s a nuisance, but it’s worth it to me to have a $100 portable controller with a sequencer, arp and aftertouch. And sometimes, I don’t need to be able to set to exact BPM at all, and just doing it by ear is fine. But, I agree, the KS would benefit from a simple display, as well as a click.


Am I doing something wrong when using the conditional trigs/Microtiming using the 1:2/2:2 Condition?

Sometimes the trig still sound off-beat even when trig 1 is on step 1+ 1:2 “on grid” in micro timing and trig 2 is on step 2 with -23/384 (all the way to the left) + 2:2 = still off beat on this particular sound (have been succesfull on other occasions). - Is there some parameter on the patch I need to adjust when getting this result? :zonked: