All General Digitone Operating Questions


Hi All

I thought we could make one thread where beginners can ask all operating questions about the Digitone.
Anyway please feel free to ask you questions here.

I have the problem that patterns do not switch at all in my own preset bank. In the factory banks presets do switch as they are supposed to after each page cycle. I can’t find anything about it in the User Guide.


Have you changed your settings in the scale menu? You may have changed the channel length to a really high number so it won’t move onto the next pattern for ages , or m length to inf. Have a look at pages 33-34 of the manual.


Awesome! Yes that did it. Thanks man.
Don’t know how I have managed to set it to Off.


Ha, nice one! I only know it because I have a digitakt as well and had the same problem with that.


One thing I haven’t bothered looking up is whether or not there is a way to quickly scroll to the end of the +drive sound list? Every time I go into the sound manager to edit the tags of a sound that I just saved, it starts at the beginning of the preset patches, and I have to hold FUNC+DOWN until it gets to the user patches.


Ok I can’t seem to get the sequences to send MIDI to Ableton. What am I missing?

I can get the trig keys to send midi but once I’ve recorded a sequence the the pattern no longer sends midi. Is there a secret MIDI sequence output page I’m missing?

I’m trying to route midi from the DN thru Ableton to a JU-06. Both connected by USB.


Have you set the channel in the midi seq?
Func + push midi ch knob on DN to activate midi out.


Yup. Regardless of what MIDI channel I set a midi track to the sequence doesn’t seem to send. Yet the trig keys do.


Are you sure you’re trying to send midi from a midi track? The audio tracks won’t output their midi data.


have you configured the midi output in port config menu?


I’m definitely on a midi track. With trigs on them.

Midi track Ports are set to default 5-8. Ableton doesn’t see any input on those or any channel.

I tried turning off Trig Key Dst. No Change. With Trig Key Dst set to INT+EXT or EXT the trig keys function as they should and trigger the midi channel. But if there is sequence data playing nothing is sent from the sequence.


Do you have any more hardware you could send midi to just to rule out your computer/interface?


K tried that. Going 5-pin midi out from DN to midi in on ju06 same result. The trig keys work but the sequence doesn’t seem to send any info.


Finally understood what you meant here.

Problem solved.


Still doesn’t seem to send the seq via USB though.


Unplugged and replugged USB and it works now.


i am not in front of my machine. but you should be able to select a single bank to work with - at least you wouldn’t have to scroll through ALL banks.
its Func + 11 for Bank C
(9=A, 10 = B, …)


ahh yes! I should have read the manual. Thanks!


One problem I still have with this is that DN often plays past the point where I want it to change pattern.
I would like it to change the pattern right after the current pattern cycle no matter how late I change it exactly like the Analog Rytm, where it’s possible to change pattern right up to the point before the pattern cycle has finished as long as you have pressed the keys. Not possible right?


Not looking good tbh based on Olle’s comments in the other thread. What’s the latest you can press it on the DN?