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I’ve noticed this as well, I generally set up a chain or just change it a bit earlier. I don’t see why this couldn’t be implemented. I haven’t noticed the same issue on the Digitakt.


I haven’t had this problem, no matter how late I request a pattern change (before the absolute end of pattern, that is). Check your chain/master length setting? If it’s set longer than your pattern length then it’ll take that amount of steps to change the pattern.


I haven’t seen this either, but I’ve kept things very basic as far as steps/scale so far.


Okay I delved into it and I’m glad to have found that it was all because of the settings. I thought that when you switched to LENGTH PER PATTERN it would override the LENGTH PER TRACK SETTING but it doesn’t. If your Length per Track CH.LEN is 64 it will play those 64 steps before changing pattern and if your CH.LEN is 16 it will only play those 16 steps and then change pattern EVEN if you have switched to LENGTH PER PATTERN which may read LENGTH 64/64.

So it’s all good! I think a CH.LEN of 16 (or even 8) is ideal for immediate synced pattern changes.

Oh, what pselodux said! :grinning:


What’s the quickest way to save a sound you’ve made from scratch? I’ve been saving them in the Sound Pool but that’s only for the active project if I’m not mistaken.


Mine are saved on the +Drive via FUNC + Imp/Exp menu > EXPORT SOUND. In the Sound Manager I can press left arrow and it says VIEW POOL which means I’m on the +Drive.


I don’t tend to re-use sounds, so I just save projects. I figure I can always load up a project and export a sound down the line if I feel like I need it again. It’s probably not the best way, but it’s definitely quick as you don’t really have to think of anything.


Yep, this one. I’m getting quicker at it, and the 1.02 update makes it quicker to tag sounds. At the moment I’ve been doing a lot more sound design than actual track/loop creation, so it’s nice to be able to just export tons of sounds that I can scroll through and use later. I think I might have to put out my first sound pack… if I can figure out how to export just my sounds via sysex!

EDIT: Has anyone gone through and deleted all of the factory preset sounds? I’m tempted, but there are some good ones in there… maybe this can be the time when I finally use some factory sounds on an Elektron product.


Yes I can heartily recommend saving all your best sounds. It makes it much easier and faster to create something new and a saved preset is always a good starting point for new sound design. Besides, over time you can readjust your presets and perfect them.

I have kept the presets project since there are so many great presets there and much to learn from but I delete the preset patterns in all new projects.


:bulb: TIP:

Have you noticed that you can Quick Pattern Mute tracks by pressing [PTN]+[TRACK 1–4]?
It is not mentioned in the manual but it’s quite handy when performing. If you hold down [PTN] you can both Mute/Unmute tracks and change patterns.


Yes I deleted them all and would highly recommend doing it yourself, if your finding them a distraction like did. It’s helped me focus on exploring the synth greatly.

I’m yet to save any sounds but what I’m thinking to do once I’m more familiar is to just save templates for each sound tag if you will to speed things up


I’m not deleting them- there ARE some good ones. And though I don’t use them most of the time, I like to pull it up and try to explore potential sound design techniques with it.

Perhaps try to rebuild the patch- but I see some of the parameters and see the logic behind it.


I save my patches to one of the banks and tag them properly including the “mine”-tag so that I can filter the presets sounds and only see my own stuff if I want. it works fine thus far, there is just one thing that grinds my gears and that is that I you cant see tags while selecting a sound for soundlocking on sequencer steps. I tend to give my patches very stupid names so its hard to find what I need sometimes.


But any new project created is blank and without any of the presets so why even bother about this?


Hi guys,
I do not own the product (yet) but I was wondering how polyphony works both on midi (especially) and internal tracks. Not a single video on youtube or elsewhere addresses this topic in detail. How many notes the machine manage for each track of the sequencer (midi and internal)? Are all the notes shown on the display or just the root one and if so how you edit the other ones? Why midi tracks are different on digitakt? (on that machine max polyphony is 4 and all notes are explicit, crystal clear).
Any owner is willing to share informations in detail? It is important for me because I own AK and AR and not only Id’ love to add FM synth to my setup but even add a polyphonic midi sequencer. Thanks


Well I deleted them by mistake actually. But since doing it I’m no longer exploring presets and trying to fit existing sounds to others in a pattern, and really wasn’t enjoying working like that anyway for some reason. So now I’m forced to start from the basic sin wave and build up.


Right. I think sound design is actually pretty easy on the Digitone, probably because of the fixed intervals. I have already made so many usable sounds just by twisting the knobs.


There are 8 voices as you probably know and the management of voices per track is very configurable.
Have a look at the manual to get more precise info about this:


Yes mate, reading the manual has been the first option but I didnt find any answer to my very specific questions. Thanks anyway


Oh, you guys mean the preset sounds! My bad, I thought you meant the Preset patterns! :man_facepalming:
Well, I always make my own but there are many fine preset sounds there to learn from.