AI generated art

I’ve been having a lot of fun recently creating art with the help of AI friends. I think I accidentally crashed the Artwork thread so thought it might be fun to have something dedicated for anyone interested in exploring this bold new landscape!

Some of you might be lucky enough to have access to platforms like Dalle 2 or Midjourney, and there are apps for your phone and free web services like Craiyon (

I’ve been really enjoying creating dystopian nightmares with Dalle Mini (Craiyon) but hope to get access to one of the more powerful AI’s soon.

Whether they be beautiful, haunting or downright bonkers share your collaborations!

Here are some of my favourites:

Blood cells that are also pizza

DNA helix made from sausages

Woman eating a potato

Man morphing into potato

British man eating sausages in the style of monet


Reminds me of:

Another Thread

The possibilities for hilarious results seem endless!

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It’s such an interesting new way to create art - reminds me a lot of generative music - you set rules and parameters, audition options - but it’s a collaboration between you and chaos!


a bit of an explosion going on right now with paid and beta access platforms.
generated films and video games soon enough…

i’m addicted to its distorted extrapolations of its trained libraries, pure nightmare fuel.

Advisory warning for sensitive souls


Oh wow that’s amazing/horrible!

Which AI did you use for that monstrosity?

i’d rather not say! :wink:

Oh ok, why not? This is a place for sharing :slight_smile:

happy to share creations, this one looks like a ken doll cyborg event horizon animatronic



Very cool! Although I think it’s a bit rude for you not to share the artist responsible, personally :wink:


some of the services hosting GPU access filter (quite rightly) some words and don’t want people using it for images that might taint the product/service/brand.
so i don’t wanna get the artist in trouble.

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Aaaah I see! Ok fair enough, if your images violate TOS then I totally understand :slight_smile:

i’m not violating anything. i just create abstract weirdo pics, whereas most people use prompts that are more generic.

makes me think of a character from something like total recall or similar…a mix between weird and spooky kinda feeling

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that’s a big thing i’ve been thinking. is this art? (yawn! stick with me…)

messing around with this has really got me thinking abstractly about the future of music production and art in general.

how long before your daw suggests that you are trying to make garage track and auto generates 50 audio loops from it’s trained library spanning decades of influence, with opportunity to extrapolate and vary results until you hear something you want and press yes, next. seems in the next few years.

will music creation become a chain of artificially generated ideas you refine and cherry pick and call your own? undoubtedly this will create entertaining new forms as the data is mashed together without a clear direction of right and wrong. and if an audience has emotional responses then hard to argue it’s not communicative. but the process has no need or awareness for communication, we impose it. as we do for human creations, but a (human) artists driving force is communication. i’m trying to work out what is that difference and does that mean in future there’ll be two schools of art, augmented and organic?


It’s a conversation we will no doubt be having a lot over the coming years, in several fields!

It involves the collaboration of a person, and often it’s in that collaboration and curation that the art is formed. I don’t see this as any different than creating a collage or snapping a photograph. I mean you didn’t make the mountains.

What will be interesting is in finding ways for deep collaboration. But I think that if we can will an image into existence using the same parameters that we’d use to paint it then it’s just a form of gate keeping to suggest it’s not real art. It’s still a form of expression, just created using a different medium.

Edit: Think of it as a role reversal. Where as artists we’re used to identifying a subject and recreating it, we have the opportunity to have something recreate a subject we create.


Here are a bunch of my collaborations with AI:


David Croenenberg have anything to do with this?! :joy:


that’s an option i think…

and that’s another one in there :smiley:

it’s something that could happen maybe in the nearest future? computers still need trained before being able to generate an outcome, being it music or images; we’ve been training computer for a while now and i think it’s a bit like for us humanz, the more you train the more you get better at one thing, one major difference being though, that we might take longer to train in a specific thing, super computers will (and do already) take less time.
it’s a bit like space simulations and other things where time and processing power are a limitation to us, not the machines. we train them now, later they might be able to train themselves and won’t need an initial input


Lovely! I have a follow coming your way

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i really like this. it was made purely with the prompt cyborg_frog_cartoon_adventure_on_titan

s got shades of 70s sci fi novel covers with more recent logo cartoon influences on frog. a striking blend and detail in the background makes me tell a story in my mind.

but should i take pride in something i waited a few seconds too manifest?

dave was not mentioned in the prompt for that one