Ableton Push 2 is a gummy, sticky TPE mess


Yeah it’s like someone sprayed hairspray on them, I’m thinking interdimesional :alien: conspiracy :rofl:


Go for the refurb IME they are usually “new” I think it has to do with language its just a way to cover themselves from any claims if it is not “brand spanking new”
Like @COHIBA said and I will add on to “externally”, refurbs are usually gone over with a fine tooth comb, most times it’s just easier to replace everything internally than spend the man hours trying to track down the issues with “problem” units. The unit you get might be new B-stock.
Whatever you decide it is a pretty good response from Ableton most manufacturers wouldn’t bother past the warranty.


I mentioned earlier my 10 year old Little Phatty doesn’t have any signs of this. I thought I’ll add I never set up it up by a window so sun never hits it, and I keep it covered always unless I’m playing it. So sun/UV seems likely… :thinking: It’s gotten pretty hot, was set up in a loft above a fireplace for 2 years.

I’ll add again if it bothers people it’s likely the mod/pitch wheel are the same as for sub37, I bet you can replace them if needed DYI, it’s not too expensive…


Goo gone!! Seriously, it works. I had a set of jbl monitors that were horrendously gummy. After an hour with some goo gone, a roll of paper towels and a couple of beers I got it sorted out.


I tried the washable sticky lint rollers. It works.
It might come back over time. But for a couple of bucks/30 seconds rolling action, it’s worth it.


In case anyone was interested, I just got the replacement refurb Push 2 from Ableton. $117.50 covered the unit, tax and shipping. The replacement looks absolutely mint. No complaints whatsoever. This one will be covered at all times, when not in use :wink:


Great ! :+1:


Wow completely forgot about that!
Goo Gone is amazing I always keep a couple of bottles around.