Ableton Push 2 is a gummy, sticky TPE mess


I don’t know what to do. The rubberized TPE coating on the body of my Push 2 is deteriorating, resulting in a gross, gummy surface that is collecting lint, hair, and dirt. From some quick internet research, I learned that this deterioration is not uncommon for goods with these so called “soft touch” finishes. While there are a lot of opinions on how to clean it up, the only one that actually fixes the problem permanently is to remove the finish entirely, which is also a long unhappy job.

I’m kind of pissed, actually. This is a known issue with these finishes, and the breakdown has turned this expensive device into a non-resellable item, full stop. It’s nasty. I don’t know why manufacturers, including Ableton would do this, knowing the approximate shelf life. I wasn’t even an early adopter. Oils from hands seem to exacerbate the problem as does UV light. Thing is, I keep my hands clean and actually rarely even touch the case of the push, since it’s mounted in a stand. I don’t smoke. There is some diffuse sunshine that reaches the push, but my shutters are always closed…

I’m not surprised, since I have a Zoom H5 with the same finish, and the same thing happened to that device. I guess I’m just disappointed, since I’m guessing I have no recourse with Ableton, and I feel like I just lost a bunch of money. Thanks for letting me vent.


I’ve had this issue with a few devices. The easiest way to take care of the issue is to remove the finish offf the parts of the device using rubbing alcohol and gauze. It’s unfortunate that manufacturers still use this as it’s pretty well known that the rubberized surfaces deteriorate over time.


Did you ask Ableton to fix or replace the unit? I´d love to know their opinion and policy with this issue. My Push 2 is still fine but my old Moog Little Phatty is a mess.


I’m going to ask. I’m also curious what they will say.


Yep it’s a totally shit finish.


I would have never thought. Thing looked and felt so high-end. Surprised I’m not seeing more reports online though. I bet we’ll see a lot more as these things age…


I avoid this and high gloss finishes - fingerprint and dust magnets.

Also, don’t moan about the finish, say the finish is ‘faulty’ (to wherever you bought it).


with push 1 it was the same. surprised that they didnt learn


So MPC live and maschine MK3 will have this in the future too? Is the toraiz of this finish too?


I didn’t realize it had this rubberized finish. That literally just dropped it from the most wanted piece of equipment on my list to maybe I won’t get it. Dang


My little phatty too! I thought maybe it was caused by too much exposure to sunlight?


Ive had my push 2 since it released and its still good. Id imagine is sun exposure cuz ive kept mine in a cold dungeon.


I cover mine with a bedsheet and it’s a vampire like me. So far so good. I got my push 2 on the first week in calme out in 2015

Novation SL MKIII also has this rubber layer on it too. Mine is protected with a large bedsheet


@amku and @v00d00ppl: Good on ya. Keep doing what you’re doing, because this is gross and you don’t want it. It’s definitely got to be the sunlight. But fair warning to all, it doesn’t take much. My unit has gotten only a minimum amount of exposure and only through closed shutters. I don’t think it’s even possible to protect something like the H5 though. A recorder is meant to be outside right? It’s gonna go bad sooner or later.


Do you have pictures of your devices just for us to understand how devastated they are ?


I will take some tomorrow.


Yes it seams to be caused by heat and sunlight. I’ve had the same problem with my Allen & Heath XONE4D Mixer from one day to the other! It stood only one day at the window at a very hot summer day and the rubber finished parts were melted to pure glue.


@v00d00ppl no Toraiz does not have this kind of finish thankfully, it has a kind if brushed aluminium finish.

My Moog LP Stage wheels went like it, I managed to get rid of most of the stickiness using a solvent before I eventually sold it, but it was still a little sticky. I’ve had other products with that finish deteriorate as well.

I agree that manufacturers should stop using this kind of coating, whilst it might give the impression of luxury in the shop, this kind of finish is very difficult to keep clean and free from dust, and of course the horrible sticky mess it always seems to end up as.


now that you mention it, i had a pair of AIAIAI headphones that did this. i literally thought someone had been playing a joke on me and had smeared my phones cord with some kind of slime or something. have a Propellerhead Balance interface which isn’t as bad but same kind of issue. Do pass your feedback onto Ableton however so hopefully it doesn’t make it into the next Push device.


hmm I have never had problems with the coating on my push 2. It was 2 years old only. How old was yours?