Ableton Push 2 is a gummy, sticky TPE mess


As requested



Aw man that’s sad. Sorry to see that.


Dang… That’s weird… :confused:



I’m also concerned that my Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme laptop might be subject to the same issues. It’s got a coating that gives it a mat look and slightly rubbery feeling, similar to my Push 1. Mat look is awesome but a complete fingerprint magnet, and I don’t have especially sweaty or greasy hands at all. Poor design choice, looks over practicality.

My Push 1 doesn’t show any of this, but it’s hardly been used at all and stored in a dark place.


If I were you I’d write to them with details about how you’ve kept it and send them those pics and see if they’ll do something about it warranty or not… If they say no politely ask to speak with someone higher up like a support manger or customer relations or something and ask again…


So I got a reply from Ableton. I think it’s reasonable. They said they’ve had a few reports of this, but invariably it was caused by either a heating device in proximity to the Push, or exposure to direct sunlight. I’m guessing there may have been a couple days when I had my shades open, and sunlight was hitting my unit :confused:. Ableton says that because the defect does not affect the functionality, it is not something they can cover under warranty. However, they did offer me the option to pay $118 + taxes and shipping for a refurbished “almost as new” unit. They also offered some ways to remove the finish, which have been discussed here.

I’ll need to think about this for a minute. I think my biggest suggestion to them, aside from not using the TPE coating, is to put a big ass sticker on Push that says Sunlight Will Destroy Product Finish! Keep In Dark Cave At All Times!


Refurb for most companies means that everything externally has been replaced (case and buttons) so I would say $118 is a sweet deal


So… I guess it will happen to the Digitakt and Digitone encoders in the future ?


Silicone (and neoprene as a matter of fact) does NOT like UV. Avoid sun exposure at all costs. Ozone is NOT your friend :slight_smile:


Not so much the encoders in the DT but the coating on the sequencer buttons may show this kind of damage. No one has reported any issues yet though.


Just wait another year or two.


I’d be opting to strip the finish off altogether if I were you, but that’s just me. I always customize and road-proof my gear wherever possible. Hell, if I had to worry about something as simple and ubiquitous as sunlight destroying my instruments, my word… No way. Undress that $hit (wink).



This happened to my XONE 4D! on the jog wheels…took FOREVER , which a ton of rubbing alcohol and scrubbing and picking, to get it clean. its fine now, but man… i cant imagine that happening to a push 2…id LOSE IT…ableton should replace it for sure…thats just not acceptable.


A few thoughts/questions

How long is the offer good for? 1 month, 6months, a year?
Will the refurb purchase come with a full warranty?
Do you have to send in your unit as a trade?
Not sure how long you’ve had the unit but if it has been the better part of a year may be a “new” unit at $118 is not bad at all.
If you can keep your original PUSH 2 and sell its obviously a no brainer and a WIN!
IMHO of course :grinning:


Don’t know how long the offer is good for.
Don’t know if the replacement would have a warranty.
I would be required to ship my current unit to them.
I’ve had my Push for at least 3 years. Not exactly sure when I purchased though.

Great questions - I’ll ask about them.
I’m on the fence too because I don’t know what “almost like new” means exactly.


If there is an offer for a replacement and you enjoy your push, I would advise to exchange it. It seems like the are offfering a significant discount. The other option of pulling the machine apart and using a solvent or something of the like to clean the coating is time consuming, and after the gear doesn’t necessarily look or feel nice after removing the coating.


I’m pretty sure it’s related to UV exposure and not necessarily heat. had my sub37 underneath the window and the mod and pitch wheel started disintegrating (same rubber coating)


In regard to digitakt and mk2 devices buttons;
I don’t think its the same coating at all as used on push and moog little phatty side cheeks. It is possible it is not coating at all. I received my analog four mk1 shortly after i had to clean of my moog LP cheeks and mod and pitch wheels. And when a saw the knobs on my a4, i thought, oh no! Here we ho again… but, 3years fast forward, my a4 knobs are still like new.


Damn just checked my Aiaiai TM-1 studio and they indeed have started to suffer from this, they never see any sunlight, uv or extreme heat or actually much use, as they are a set I only use occasionally, bummer.

I am going to actively avoid buying any more products with this kind of coating from now on, twice bitten thrice shy :smile:


I literally thought someone had played a prank on me :joy: