Ableton live 10


Yep Push 3 will not only have MPE but also a Linnstrument type grid playing surface allowing maximum expression


Yeah can def see that happening. I pretty much called it out too ages ago either here or some other thread on what improvements could be made to Push.


So can an MPE enabled VST/AU be used in Live 10 with an MPE controller? So for instance what happens if you instantiate Equator inside of Live – does the MPE midi get passed through to Equator?


It works but its a pain. You have to set-up a load of tracks and its a kludgy and inelegant solution.



It’s not elegant, but it’s quite fast to set-up, imo. You could group those tracks and you could save the project as default project


What up everybody! Resurrecting an old thread because I resurrected some old software (Ableton 10) and tried figuring some stuff out. Here’s a little Live 10 jam. It’s really easy and fast to do stuff…


You using push2 in your setup? A lot of the 10 features have made browsing and looking at your midi patterns on the push2 easier for me.


What up @v00d00ppl! I’m just using the keyboard and mouse.

I really love making music as a hobby. But fooling around with Ableton last night with just my mouse and QWERTY really made me question all this expensive hardware I have sitting around :thinking:

So then I’m like, I need a second job so I’m wondering how do I make some extra money with this gear and hobby? That’s a real question for the universe!

Anyway. It’s kind of like a game. I jam something out with software and I’m like, “oh, how can I do that with hardware.” Then I do some hardware stuff and I’m like, “ok, how do I make this with software”.



I really love using the keyboard and mouse in ableton. Would love it if shortcuts were more customizable. After testing the DT, minibrute, monologue and minilogue i have come to the conclusion that all I really want is the DT, and maybe a DN. Other than that, I just need to get over my aversion to actually setting up a midi controller so I can use live like a hardware device. I sau aversion, it is pure laziness.


Are you guys talking midi keyboard or computer keyboard ?


Computer keyboard. For me it’s for editing, not playing. I use microphones to capture sounds, guitar, singing and stuff. Midi keyboards or pads to trigger synths or drum beats. All that good stuff. Then I make some loops and create a basic arrangement. This is where the keyboard and mouse comes in.

I have gotten to the point where I’m fast enough that it doesn’t feel like I’m using music software as much as it feels like sculpting or making collages with my own raw material. Might sound pretentious, and it is, but that’s the vibe I get. Fun as heck :slight_smile: For automation I often prefer using a knob of some kind.


I use the QWERTY to input notes. Once I learned the the keys Z and X transpose the notes up and down, things got easier for me.


Also not to beat a dead horse, but have you downloaded the latest construction kits that come with the suite 10? Wow, I’m impressed by the choice of samples and rack design. A lot of the house, techno, hiphop kits are great starter sounds. If you don’t like a kick / snare / or clap then replace it with your own. The way they chain the effects are very nice.


Yes!!! The drumkit in the jam I posted is from one of the downloaded packs. Ableton stepped up there preset game in 10 for sure


Is it from “Build and Drop”?


The wave table looks like great fun! Would go great with my Push 2 controller and laptop.

Now if Elektron comes out with a granular and wave table function in their future gear that would be awesome.
AFAIK the only hardware only solutions that have wave table are Waldorf and Access Virus and for granular synthesis the new Tastychips box.


I was wondering when you’d find another thread to say the exact same thing in. Is this number 3? 4?


I couldn’t tell you my friend. I do know that I think I went for more of one of the more Hip Hop oriented kit though. The hip hop stuff has that old school house vibe for whatever reason. Samples versus synthesis probably


Been exploring the new wave table in Ableton Live 10 on my Push 2 and love it. Here is a beat that I crafted recently for the weekly San Diego beats community:

For those who use Ableton Live besides Elektron gear, how do you like the new release so far? I just have been digging into 10 and really like it.


I’m loving 10! It just feels like Ableton and ya can’t go wrong with that.