Ableton live 10


Doing A/B tests with my Restyler as well. I’d like to say I can’t justify having this piece of gear anymore. Not quite there yet. But maybe soon. I could use the $ elsewhere. I think there is definitely a possibility to engineer a complex Ableton rack that can do most of what the Restyler does. Autofilters, Max4Live LFO, Drum Buss, etc. But I’m not smart enough to make it. Plus it’s damn hard to beat the tactile interface of the Restyler.


I am keeping mine mainly for the hi-fi purposes of record listening. I have my audio technica turntable going into a vincent phono 700 to the restyler. I will hear a record loop sometimes and just start tweaking the filter knobs away and the transient knobs too. When you get that record loop right you record into your DAW. Something about that is enjoyable to me.

I’m sure if you do a Auto Filter 1 (MS1) + Auto Filter 2 (MS1) + LFO + Drum Buss rack and it would do something similar to the restyler for anyone interested. If you want a (Clean) filter setup that should also work.


Interesting usage! I know what you mean. I can lose hours just running various material - mainly drum patterns, but sometimes dub chord progressions - through that filter and tweaking away.

Thanks. Yes, I suppose I would have trouble trying to recreate such an immediate and well-laid out interface with 8 horizontal rack knobs (controlled via Push 2). But I will try.


Non Eric compares Live 10 to Bitwig 2.3

A few days ago Non Eric with a guest had a discussion comparing Live 10 and Bitwig 2.3 at Musotalk.deauf Deutsch! Fortunately i do understand a little German.

But then Non Eric was also on Sonic Talk #524 where he endures an equipment failure, and summarizes all the comparison that was done on Musotalk. Skip ahead to 1:03:35.

Here’s what Non Eric said there (more or less):
“if you’re more into customization, if you want to do your own sounds, you want by yourself to dive deep into the software and create new sounds … you’re better off with Bitwig 2.3. But if you’re more a preset guy, and you say i’d rather rely on a huge library, a big community, lots of tutorial videos, with lots of the work has already been done … if you’re that kind of person you should go for Ableton.”


Honestly, I won’t take Non Eric’s opinion too serious. He talks a lot of nonsense in his Musotalk.


please hit me up when you’re ready to part with your restyler =)


I upgraded before my 10 day price ran out… I know I’d do it eventually anyway so I might as well get it at a discounted price now. Ableton doesn’t do the 1-2 year upgrades so I can’t complain too much.


I use Live and I never use sound packs, Lives built in instruments or any presets for that matter.

Why on earth people want to be scrolling through hundreds of sounds/presets looking for what might be the right sound when they can just create it is beyond me, beginners ok sure go ahead scroll away…

As far as Bitwig, I’d never finish anything and just get lost in endless modulation madness.
Live 10 used together with Push is the fastest way to make tracks I’ve ever experienced.


I use the sound packs and presets. Good inspiration in there. Saves a lot of time.


the implementation of external hardware/modular gear is so much better under bitwig imho . . . but yah, no need to use all of the sound packs or presets in Live. i recently discovered how much space that stuff was taking up with Live :-/


Well that is Live’s biggest weakness imo but I cope with it since I love the program for it’s simplicity and super fast workflow.


agreed, bitwig and live are total cousins…one just has the benefit of being around a hell of a lot longer.


Ha yeah I realised this recently too when I decided to fresh install Live, Maschine and KU11. Used to be one of those guys that sat with GB’s upon GB’s of vsts, libraries, samples on my hard drive just in case. Finally thought “fuck it” and now being quite selective with my installations. KU11 and Omnisphere 2 have me covered in so many ways that there’s little need for Live 10’s suite library in my case. I’m sure there are a few nice things in there though.


It’s surprising that Live is the only DAW that has released its own dedicated advanced controller?
You would have thought the other big guns e.g. Cubase, logic would have followed suit
It would have to be a special software / hardware combination for me to even consider jumping ship from Live10 / Push2 though.
Not to mention the incredible Max4Live bundle.



I’m currently in the process of pretty much shitting myself with excitement with Push 2 on one side and my Kontrol s49 mk2 on the other. Had thought it wouldnt work with Live and that NI would need to release an update but decided to give it a try and see and it’s currently working like a charm.

As much as I like Maschine, I’m probably more at home in Live and Push 2 + s49 2 = one hell of a combo.


I took a stab at using Push and Ableton 10 - curious…


Novation Peak is missing on this list. It responds perfectly to PME.
Roli Seaboard + Novation Peak = instant delight


Did Novation add MPE to the Peak? The lack of MPE on the Peak was commented on by quite a few when the Peak first came out. I checked the Peak manual and novationmusic . com – nothing there either. But good that the Peak works with ROLI.

It’s time that Ableton adds MPE too. I’m sure they will do it well when they do – It’s when and not if now.


Agreed - def a case of when. It’s one of the major Bitwig selling points for me. When I had my Roli, it was such a breeze using with Bitwig vs Ableton.

It’ll come and when it does, I wouldnt be surprised if an MPE Push 3 comes with it.