Ableton live 10



Wavetable looks great. Max for Live built in - finally!


They improved melodic step sequencing from Push, you seem to see it on the screen now. I hate the old step sequencer. I hope there are some advanced features this time, like different playback directions etc. like in the M4L monosequencer. But I doubt it.



  • new synth and fx
  • deeper max integration
  • groups within groups
  • edit audio directly from arrange view
  • edit multiple midi clips at once
  • record without recording (cool!)

Shame no comping, I was convinced they were going to lead with that when she started singing.


yes yes but does it support the Touch Bar?

lolz. looks like a great update, lots of changes across the board. visualisations in push looks great and some nice workflow enhancements there too

look forward to the new skins also! looks like a black one is in there :slight_smile:

also see they rejigged the step sequencer across 32 pads top and bottom. fingers crossed for a Push 32 / Mini at Loop…


No MPE from looks of things is a massive let down. New synth looks great though.

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Max for Live devices can now send and receive SysEx


i mean, looks good and all, but i was really hoping for comping too. i was also hoping for a more dramatic UI refresh. i have 9 suite, didn’t see immediately what the upgrade will cost

£180ish is what I’m seeing

I have suite too, costs 199€ to upgrade for me.

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I think since Ableton 8, there is no reason for me to update


Some great additions here for me! Lots of things I’d got used to work arounds for:

-Adjustment to fade controls
-Drag and drop into empty tracks
-New capture feature is very handy! Often write a riff which inspires a track, and then spend a few mins figuring out the bpm to record the notes in. Great idea to skip these steps and speed the whole thing up.
-Reverse audio enhancements are welcome
-As is ability to deactivate a section of audio without having to split first
-Snap to grid automation, again so used to work around for this but really great addition for my uses
-Multi clip editing and exporting as mp3 were two of the main things I missed from Logic

Overall IMO it’s an update done in the way it should be done - carefully executed refinements.

Glad they haven’t gone down the Logic Pro 9 to X route which completely turned me off regular use of that DAW - complete overhaul of UI and key commands that had been present since Logic 6!


Yea comping would be great tbf. Logic is great in this area, as is Cubase I’ve heard

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or polyphonic aftertouch :cry:


I guess we’ll see, but for 4+ years of development this seems a little underwhelming (?)

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How is Bitwig doing in regards to elektronboxes, and vst’s controllers etc. Tried it before the release of B2 and at that time it didn’t really work well enough… I thought ableton would implement this in live 10 for sure. This update seems… strange… we’ll see… maybe they still haven’t revealed everything but… seems very strange. Like why would I upgrade to 10 then. I’m not really after a new delay effect lol

“Max for Live devices can now send and receive SysEx, allowing deeper access to synthesizers—including full preset backup dumps, parameter control and more. Max for Live can also create custom control surfaces for custom hardware integration.”


A few nice things but nothing groundbreaking, overall for me the upgrade price is a little high going from Suite 9 + M4L to 10. I’ll wait for the inevitable Push 3 deal probably.