Ableton live 10


I like it a lot…brings some much needed editing features that have been in other DAWs for ages.

Particularly like the interface for editing multiple midi clips at the same time, very nice implementation.

Still lacking: zooming anywhere with trackpad/scroll wheel + editing audio in clip view.


Search function is your friend

edit: thanks @avantronica!


I’m liking Ableton 10, but the Wavetable synths spike up my CPU load like crazy! Even on my new MacBookPro.


I absolutely love it. At first I thought the changes were negligible, but I used the Beta since the first day of release and couldn’t go back to 9. The new color palette, new Instruments/FX, and workflow enhancements made live almost perfect for my needs now. Plus the visualizations on Push 2 are just so damn pretty. Every time I start to miss my DT I play with the Push and all is well again.


Hmm been lucky so far but I am running it on a PC with 32Gb RAM and 4TB SSD drive and quad core CPU and no issues thus far.


Yeah agree - the transition from 9 to 10 has been extraordinarily smooth…


My only gripe so far is that the beta seems more stable than the full version at times, especially when using Wavetable. It’s not a huge difference but definitely one I’ve noticed.


Ableton live 10 on my 5 year old laptop is having a few ‘not responding’ issues i never had with 9. Its a bit annoying. No SSD. But i think i have enough ram 8gb. And an i7 processor. I dont know why this is happening. Its mostly on the first 10 minutes or when im switching instruments from the library.


I like Mac- but these specs make me want to return to PC


I won my PC with 32Gb of RAM and 4TB SSD in a raffle so it was a freebie and figured why not use it for home studio? So glad they added wave table to it so now I don’t need to spend $$$ on a hardware wave table synth. I can use the wave table synth and sample to my OT.


Whoa! That’s nice! It’s nice to hear abot dreams coming true.

You winning an excellent production computer and there’s another person on this forum that sold gear to Richard James(that he praised in an interview :open_mouth: )


Does PUSH1 work well with live 10?
Does it support the melodic sequencer?


Loving Ableton 10 and Push 2 so much that I’ve sold most of my hardware. Don’t mean to sound like a cult member or anything, to each his own.

I will say, for me, it takes getting a very ergonomic setup going to fully enjoy going back ITB. Motorized adjustable height desk, keyboard/mouse slide-out drawer so Push 2 is right in front of me on the desk. iMac pulled right up close so it’s easy on my tired old eyes after a long day at work. Livid DS1 midi mixer to the left, Keystep to the right. All I need really.

I don’t usually use more than 3-4 synth instances in a track but CPU load seems bearable for my 2011 iMac. There is a bit of latency/lag with the Push 2 which is slightly annoying, but bearable. Maybe there is a setting I’m not aware of or it would go away if I bought a faster machine. Love the Push 2 device visualizations. Hope they continue to make more. Also, where is Ableton’s own custom mapping utility for 3rd party plugins already? Huge weakness, imo.


Confirmed- I’m SLOWLY but surely stating to dig the Ableton workflow- I don’t want to exhaust myself and get annoyed with it. But stepping away from the Elektron sequencing based workflow to the Ableton/Native Instruments workflow which is more open to being played, but with the Sequencer there when I just can’t hit my notes/follow the metronome(credit where due, the Digitone helped me warm up to playing music instead of purely sequencing it)

I have a laptop, the Push 2 over to the side and I just got one of those K-Boards(which is really excellent- while feeling both foreign and familiar- feels appropriate for physical modeling type instruments. While weird, feels more fulfilling than a synth action keyboard and makes more sense than trying to compose on the Push) and it fits seamlessly in front of my keyboard.

Composition-wise- its absolutely perfect.

The thing I’m currently struggling with is sound-design. Clicking and dragging is the most efficient method, but frustrating. Designing on the Push feels less immediate, but more fulfilling.

Maybe a Komplete Kontrol and then I’m golden. And when OB drops all my woes will be resolved.

Also, that DS-1 looks great!


Push 2 does take a small hit on your CPU so that can explain that. If you have a faster CPU wavetable also runs faster/ smoother.

Wave table and the push 2 display really makes it feel like a hardware synth.

Two programs that do not get faster by upgrading cpu are maschine 2.7.5 and mpc 2.2.


You hit the nail on the head. This is exactly how I feel about Ableton/Push workflow. Fun to use hands-on hardware-like control, but also have access to huge screen and mouse control whenever I want to do small adjustments and detail work.

I admit, this is one of my struggles too. I think custom mapping of 3rd party plugins would help, but not a cure-all. If you could boil down 3rd party plugin controls and make enough racks, etc. you might at least have more of an Elektron type sound design experience - 8 knobs controlling whatever is on screen at the moment, as opposed to the current method of bank 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and on and on, until you stumble across the param you want to adjust. Ugh, so slow. I do like some of the max4live devices that are simplified for easy use with Push interface - feels like OP-1.

But, to me, Push and/or Elektron UI will never beat a dedicated wysiwyg interface like MS20 or Moog stuff, which is why I’ll always have a couple around for variety. But at least the new Push visualizations are helping somewhat. Much better than just the knob and circle/number. But ultimately, I agree, sound design and joyful experimentation is somewhat difficult on Push, depending on device under control at the moment. I think it shines mainly on playing synths, making beats, mixing, automation, etc.

DS-1 is pretty cool. Faders feel fantastic. I do wish Ableton would make their own version, styled similarly to the Push 2. Encoders, screen(s), and motorized faders (I could live with touch strips maybe).


I would also suggest watching mixing tutorials. I have been using for the past three months and have been doing tutorials at my own pace. By my third month of practicing when I use compression and when to EQ I now realise that EQ8 and the default compressor that comes with live 10 are some good tools for getting the mud and clarity back into your mixes. I prefer to use these two effects with a mouse for tighter control rather than my push 2.

My next live challenge to conquer is max for live. There’s a lot of one off devices that I could be using for sound generation and effects.


Thats me. Gbs of vsts and libraries. Now ive put away what i dont need and just have one of everything. I feel creative again.


you can reorder the parameters order and save it as default.


Yes, I know. But it would be great to have control over naming banks, deciding if I only want to have 5 params in a bank as opposed to just filling them all up automatically, color-coding, using more visual cues as opposed to just dial & number, etc.