Ableton live 10


In Live 9 on Mac, when you do something with the Push and then go to Live’s Undo in the Edit menu, you don’t see what the action to Undo is. It just shows “Undo Midi Controller Action” or something like that… which is rather lame. Have they fixed that in 10?


They seem like they’re being pretty decent about it. I think the idea is that there’ll be one big fattie update somewhere in the middle of your year, like the one that’s fixing to come out within the next month or so.

It does kind of suck that a matter of a couple months could screw you out of a .0 update I suppose, though they probably offer a deeply-discounted way of getting there if you’re that close, maybe? Not clear that the .0 updates are the ones that matter though anyway, considering all the crap that’s coming in 2.3.


To an extent.

In my usage I’ve noticed there are a lot of changes that show up: track settings (overdub record, track volume, send amounts, panning, etc) and device changes (envelope settings, lfo settings, filter types, resonance, etc). But also quite a few things (adding tacks, deleting notes) still display as “undo custom action” or “undo midi controller action”.




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finally a product demo with experimental lo-fi noise instead of the typical EDM!


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i did A/B test…
if you put on AH Saturation Mode which i use mostly for drums
you can come 99% close to the setting in seconds with DrumBuss.
If i remember right i send the input to -10dB
the drive to “40”
the mode to “Hard”
the rest to standard / 0

my speakers are Neumann KH 120 A
Adam A7X


I have no heat to compare to, but I was doing something similar with my Rodec-Sherman restyler

The drum buss saturation circuits mimic the soft, medium, and hard circuits really well. Soft on the restyler is raising the overdrive to a little. Medium is raising the overdrive knob by 30%. Hard is maxing overdrive but also raising input gain. When I have the filter wide open on the restyler I mess with these settings now I can use drum buss if I am feeling too lazy.

The same goes for the transient control. Drum buss has a boom parameter which the restyler doesn’t have, but the restyler has a Rodec DJ filter piece which sounds very hifi. Their filter and piece to the device is the AM, transient, and resonant knobs. That’s what I figured out with 100+ hours of expirementing. Now I can transfer that knowledge to autofilter+drum buss.

I would prefer to do autofilter per pad in drum rack and the drum buss for the entire drum rack. Peace


That girl with the autotune turning into industrial noise is hilarious.