Ableton live 10


It will work until the 26th of February.


Potentially stupid question, so apologies, but here goes…

As a Live 9 Suite owner, the shop offers me an upgrade price to Live 10 Standard for £159. Presumably if you do that, though, you lose M4L, operator etc.? So you would be paying £159 for a pretty major downgrade??

Or do you keep all the extras of Live 9 suite, but in Live 10 (M4L etc.) just without the brand new stuff you’d get if you paid the full suite upgrade £229 (Wavetable, LFO etc.)


Edited as info was wrong…

Upgrading from 9 Suite to 10 Standard keeps your 9 version’s instruments but you won’t get 10’s extras like Echo and Wavetable.


I reckon if you were to hold onto both 9 and 10- those features would appear in 9 but not in 10


That would be correct. You’ll have parallel installations, with one being suite and one being standard.


Ah! Then I suppose if you’re going Ableton route- best decision would be to go suite- that way you’ll get the updated max and full integration


The Soundtoys visual glitching stopped once I set Ableton 10 to Windows 8 compatibility mode. Changing the scaling didn’t fix it. Just thought I’d post this here in case anyone else has the same issue.


Yeah. I won’t be paying £229. Even £159 is too steep.
The upgrade pricing is all a bit of a kick in the teeth for long term users, I think, especially if you don’t own or want Push.
It would be great to have a better integrated M4L, and I do use the M4L LFO quite a bit, so the LFO would be nice.
I don’t have much use for most of the other new features though, so I’ll hold off on this one for now.


I am in love with V10.
I never worked so fast in a sequencer program.
Every cent is worth the program.
Drum Buss (my favourite) is absolutely amazing.


Yes, Drum Buss is really good!


I played around with Drum Buss, and its really cool, the wave table synth is ok but is there an import of user waves? That is where the fun starts imho. (Serum) I did not yet see the function to overlay midi notes, i think i prefer NI Maschine still. I will do my projects (sampling /sequencing) in Maschine, and export for arranging and mixing into Live. I still feel that 200€ was a bit expensive, but in retrospective all the upgrades i got in live 9 justifies it.


How does Drum Buss compare to the Heat? Is it comparable? Haven’t really used it yet.


No more GAS for the HEAT here!
… for now…

And I would prefer a Sherman Filterbank over the HEAT anyway


Ned Rush approves of Drum Buss :+1:


Drum buss is really nice and all but it’s no Analog Heat that’s for sure.



Totally agree with @shroom Drum Buss is kewl, and has some instant flavor settings but it’s not close to the Analog Heat. I mean really Drum Buss is just giving you a tuned resonance (is that the correct term) and transient shaping. The drive on it is meh IMHO.

I still haven’t found anything that can take the place of the heat. Decapitator get’s really close but not close enough for me to say I don’t need the heat.


Never heard the heat in real life.
But the decapitator is my favourite mixing tool and satisfied my saturation needs enough to keep me from buying a heat.
But I still consider it often :smiley:


I think my neighbors are not as happy as I am about the Drum buss … hmm


Loving Ableton 10 so far. Looking forward to checking out Drum Buss for the transient shaping, but for the other stuff can’t see it ousting Heat or Decapitator.

Using Wavetable with Push 2 is awesome.

I really wish they would add comping for vocal takes, etc. That’s the number one missing feature in my eyes.


comping HAS to be in the works. it’s their #1 most requested feature, even over MPE support.