Ableton live 10


I found a good deal on a Push 2 but didn’t go for it because I’m worried about the CPU drain issue.

Apparently the Push 2 display takes a lot of CPU power and can be problematic for older CPUs. Mine is a dual core i7 2.66GHz (Mac) and not quad core so I wasn’t sure how it would behave. Anyone with a similar CPU using Push 2 without issues?


I have two Macs, a Macbook Pro Late 2015 with a 2,7GHz i5 and a Hackintosh with a 3,3GHZ i5. I cannot see any effect on the CPU, the meter does not show any changes when I use Ableton with Push. I can´t reproduce any of the issues that are mentioned in this thread although my machines are less powerful. Seems to be an error due to the overall configuration of their systems.

[edit] I further read through this thread at Ableton forums, people there seem to be lost using OSX´s activity control program. “90%” CPU usage means 90% of the current cpu usage . If your overall cpu usage is at 10% and Push 2 uses 90% Push is using 1% of the WHOLE Cpu power, not 90%.


i’m in the same boat…i bought operator and sampler separately years ago.

so the primary updates for us would just be the workflow changes (e.g. naming inputs/outputs, higher res gui, etc).

i’m hanging onto live 9, but avoiding the update. i’ve gone the bitwig route and have been enjoying the change, especially after using Live for so so long.


Likewise! I just tried the demo out last night to determine if I was going to upgrade or not- everything about Bitwig feels like home to me!


Putting Push to one side, I don’t think I could jump on the Bitwig bandwagon until they have a serious rethink about their pricing model. Not a fan of their “12 months of updates” thing at all personally. Where do you stand if a great feature is introduced a day before your year runs out and it turns out to be buggy as hell?! At least with Ableton, they have you covered on that front.


i bought a license transfer for $180 USD that has updates until December of this year.

i’m not crazy about their update model either, but looking at their update history, they are releasing updates fairly quickly/consistently.

i used Live 8 for a fcouple of years after Live 9 was released and i was totally happy. hopefully it’ll be similar to bitwig.


Just got my Live 10 Bill and Link to download it…

All good in my hood.


Youpiahhh ! Billed and download link sent !!



I just downloaded and installed 10. In 9, my Soundtoys plugs look fine. In 10, they are glitching (visually) and scaled incorrectly. Soundtoys seemed to be fine during the 10 beta as far as I recall. Just deleted the beta so can’t crosscheck right now.

Anyone else with Live 10 and Soundtoys have this problem too?


What is installation procedure? Are you keeping 9 and 10?

Does 10 find all of your sounds, presets and stuff? I’ve got things on external drives, etc…


Soundtoys was fine on the .10 beta for me too. I’ll check later tonight or tomorrow morning on the Retail version.


Yes it does. I will keep 9 for 3 more months before deleting just in case 10 has any fatal bugs for my live 9 sets. So far I haven’t had any crashes. Live 10 was able to import all of my live 9 stuff without issues.


Soundtoys working fine here in 10 Suite



Are you using a high resolution display ? If so try disabling scaling on high DPI settings.


I really really like Wavetable especially the mod matrix.




I also upgraded to Live 10.
It will keep me busy while waiting for more mature Digi*


I wonder how long the 10 Beta will be running if I don´t purchase the upgrade.


Do you only deinstall the live 9 app after upgrading? Or is there more to remove?


You can do it before. I got shot of my Live 9 install to focus on Maschine for a month or so. Just downloaded the “upgrade” which is effectively the entire installation file. From there, you download the packs/library content you want including your Live 9 content.

Oh, and all your projects personal folders are maintained too.