Ableton live 10


“Your live 10 license is ready for download” :grin:


Strange, I’m still waiting…


Join the club. :sad:


Log on to your account and you should see the update


Unfortunately I’m still stuck on this screen


edit: well, it’s not too tragic. Have still work to do tonight and the internet connection at work is 1000X faster then what I’ve got at home…

2nd edit: And there’s the email in my inbox :slight_smile:


got it!


I have Live 9 Standard and bought M4L and Sampler because I don’t want all the stock sounds. Looking at the feature comparison if I upgrade to 10 (not suite) there really doesn’t seem to be a whole lot I actually get other than a few grouping & editing extras.

Am I missing something?


Slightly Off Topic Alert: i’m hoping to somehow represent the Machinedrum’s Swing at around 52-55% in the Groove Template of Ableton (v.9.1) … would the best idea to be just record a swung hihat pattern from the MD to Ableton, then somehow make a groove template from that?

currently writing basslines with ableton and zebra, would like to apply some swing so they match the Machinedrum pattern’s swing after being quantized.


Wanna leave work - upgrade Live syndrome - here




Cancelled my preorder 3days ago as I had recently bought an Octatrack mk 2 and wanted to concentrate on that. But man that thing is pissing me off lol. So last night with about 20 minutes to go before midnight back to preorder!


I’ll get an Octatrack when I retire and settle on a Greek island. Word.


Unemployment in Berlin is … also an option…


Hang in there, the mist will clear in time.


Yeah that should work. Right click on your recording and click ‘Extract Groove’ incase you didn’t already know.


Still “Thanks for pre-ordering Live 10 Suite. We’ll send you an email as soon as the software is available for download” . . for me, unfortunatelly. Anyone else has got their email?


Just played with Wavetable and I’m very impressed.
The mod matrix design is really smart. So easy to assign modulations.
Lots of diverse wavetables available.
Presets are pretty crap, but great interface makes it real easy to design patches from scratch. Incredible interface actually, just so easy to use, especially how you can make it full screen.
Won’t replace Serum, but an awesome alternative.
Will be using it a lot for sure


idk man, i sold my serum license! just the naked sine tones with a little reverb sound lovely


When you open a project saved in an earlier version you get a dialogue box to convert it into the current format.


I’ve never really gelled with a synth like I have with Wavetable, I love it!
Stick some Echo on it and modulate the tits off it with the new LFO and Shaper tool in M4L and you’ll be buzzin, trust me! :smiley:


Yeah I got mine earlier…maybe they’re not releasing them all at once so their servers don’t get hammered?