A4 Feature Requests


I agree that pressing no to go out of menus is boring. Not finished feeling.


You can immediately exit the active menu by pressing the corresponding button again. Let’s say you entered modulation edit by pressing Song button first, then navigating to Sound Settings, then to Modulation. If you press the Sound button again, you immediately exit the whole sound menu and return to the last active parameter page.
One more thing: If you press the Sound button later again, you’ll be moved to the sound menu, and the last used option (Modulation in this example) will be highlighted. If you press there the Yes button, you enter the modulation editing page again. However I’d prefer, if the modulation editing page would be opened immediately instead of just highlighting the option in the menu, this may be counted a feature request :slight_smile:


Changing active song row without entering Song Edit mode, please!!! E.g. pressing Song Mode + Up/Down buttons, similarly to how we can navigate in the active chain (Chain Mode + Left/Right).


Second this.


I miss some features on the Analog Keys/Four e.g., send sequencer to MIDI out, include send effects to the individual outs (if it’s even possible hardware-wise). Are there any custom/hack firmwares, like a JJ OS or Zaquencer?


No custom firmware


Sequencer to MIDI out : you should look for “CV to MIDI” devices, there are a bunch of it out there.

A “separate outs” mod has been discussed here but it doesn’t make it possible to route the FX.

You will never have a “separate outs with FX” firmware update as in the hardware the analog path is preserved and FX is a “send” track.


Thanks. I got a Minitaur though… halfway there.


do they even care about adding new features to the a4? just wondering


There’s a spreading function of voices when switching to unison. I really like this and it’s really useful. I think there should be a spreading function when using any of the polyphony modes too though. Change the name of “Unison Spread” to “Voice Spread” and enable the voices to be spread, please! A lot of synths have this, Oberheim for instance. Thanks!


Think you can pan the voices? Maybe I’m misunderstanding what you mean tho.


Yes, the individual tracks are pannable. But polyphony is played back in “mono”. You could practically make a patch and recall it on all 4 tracks and pan them with the “Always use track sounds” function… But that’s a bit of a unintuitive workaround and doesn’t lend it self to changing the sound at all. I want to be able to play chords and have the individual voices/notes spread around in the stereo field.


SID MODE arpeggiator pleeeeeease!


While you’re at it: I’d also like a “modulator dampening” function. This is a parameter that will enable jerky moves with rotary encoders, joystick and aftertouch to be dampened and smoothed out. Get going guys, I have tons of more suggestions for improvements. :wink:


as i playing right now with my A4 i instantly came up with this and in some cases once again:

SONG-mode: for every part transposition and not for the whole pattern (is this so hard to program?), i don’t want to use OB for it - i have no use for OB

NOISE-section: digital waveforms > 12bit for import


Track multiplier and note repeat are my two biggest wishes.


I don’t know if this was already requested: midi cc as a routing destination in performance mode would really open up the AK as a main synth. The multimap mode is awesome to play external synth at the same time but having to reach away to do some modulation is a bummer.

It’s already there in Midi mode, c’mon Elektron :panda:


I would love an easier way to see the notes assigned to a polyphonic track. I know you can see them on the white/black button keyboard, but that’s a pain to use to program polyphonic notes into for arps and chords. Why can’t we get a visual like on the MnM or even just a note list like on the ARP page?


Is there a way to send a midi CC to activate this mode from the onboard keyboard in a similar method as the multi-mode button on the AK?


Looped Envelopes pls!