A4 Feature Requests


There is one space left in the delay-section… so why not some sort of pitch-shifter?


P-Locks on the arp settings, ala the OT.


Easy feature to implement that would be amazing: Paraphonic mode.

I love this on my Sub-37 and I’d love to see it on the A4.


What would paraphonic do that polyphonic cannot?


Paraphonic mode splits up osc 1 and 2 to be playable by individual notes.


Not sure if it’s been mentioned, but I would like to see separate clock divisions for each track, similar to the OT’s sequencer. IE if Master Clock is at 120, I could set Track 1 to be 1/8th note divisions while Track 2 is 1/16th.


ADVANCED MODE In this mode the tracks of the pattern can be assigned individual lengths

So there is no Multiplier per track as in Ot ? Wishlist.


I would hope for individual track clocking speed. Track 1 with 1x speed and track 4 with 1/2 speed , that would be very cool.

I cant imagine that this would be very CPU intensive to add this feature.


Hi Elektron & Elekrtonauts,

I know many of you share my sentiments when I say that the Analog Four should absolutely be able to send midi from the on board sequencer to sequence external gear. It is clearly just a software update. PLEASE PLEASE do this. I’ve seen others requesting the same thing.

I understand that you (Elektron) have the Octatrack and that you are keen to have us buy this box. More midi sequencing means more fun! Using the A4 as a midi sequencer does not negate the need for the OT. How do you sample what you’ve sequenced? clearly via the OT (or other depending).

My question is: why limit the possibilites? The keyboard on the A4 sends midi & the sequencer is so powerful it seems counter intuitive to limit its potential.

Anyway, huge fan of your gear. I use it every day. Adding this feature will only increase my love and use of this amazing tool.




hai could you please please tell me on wich page the trig condition setup is to be found on the a4/k?
have not discovered it yet… so i thought it was a rytm only update


oh i messed up with the tabs, meant to ask about trig conditions somewhere else sry

feature i wanted to request:
is it possible to make the filtertracking a modulation destiny? so it would be possible to modulate it via lfo/env
would allow for some of interesting sounds and progression changes


Filter tracking is a sort of modulation in itself, so modulating that is a sort of meta thing as both could in theory target filter freq - but I suppose by varying the tracking you can ‘flip’ the relationship across the keys (not doable by LFO alone, hmm)

I sorta see that it could be different, but I also follow why the destination wasn’t added, though almost all parameters are modulatable

It’s a track parameter - you find it on the Note Page
You have to do the programming in Step mode as you would ordinarily apply a p-lock and then depress encoder E marked TRC (TRig Condition I think)


i dont see a reason why it should not be an option if its possible from the hardware perspective
even tho its not the the most obvious feature
i had some super fun jams recently while modulating the tracking by hand, love how its playing together with higher resonances especially when im more in the dolphin/whale sound zone
so i wanted ask sb at elektron if they could free me this modulation hand :smiley:


Just a reminder: this topic is a good place to discuss potential feature requests but, if you actually want to ensure that Elektron reads your request, send it in an email message to:


I wonder if A4 has enough power for more effects, so one could switch let say Chorus for Phaser and Delay for LoFi and save that in Kit settings.


or SuperVoid Reverb switched for a nice sharp Plate.

FX “machines” !

Great idea.


I recently acquired an Elektron AK and I’m very, very satisfied with it. I knew going in that this instrument involves some menu diving and I don’t have a problem with that. My question is this:

From some menus (song edit mode, for example), I can’t immediately jump to another menu (like a parameter page) without first clicking “No” and going back to the main screen. I know it’s not difficult to hit No a couple of times but it’s not intuitive in a live setting and just feels clunky. Is it possible to fix this menu structure so that I can skip to any menu with a single click?


Going to disagree here. One of the reasons I have taken to the a4 the best of all of the elektron devices is there are no options. Every voice is identical, made of the same parts. There’s no -oh, this is fm+ or this is configured with the Dj eq. Every time you go to a screen, what you expect is what you see.


fair enough.

Fortunately there are multiple unused parameter slots on the reverb (and one slot free on the delay).
A switch on a free parameter slot to toggle between different FX algorithms would satisfy us both, I reckon.


+1 on the extended timeout when choosing LFO destination