A4 Feature Requests


can’t you do that through LFO?




There’s a ramp wave in the LFO. Just set it on that and place the LFO at a speed equivalent to your envelope speed


@Ryan: Not sure that I understand correctly what you mean?


My feature request is ability to simply record or play back an 8-bar loop, in 2017, without resorting to bizarre and musically unnecessary pattern chaining, obfuscatory trigger probability, or other acts of self-delusion. Good night and good luck, Elektron user base!


On the AK they have a button to enter multi-map mode. I was wondering if maybe there was some midi function that could imitate this button


This one goes for both A4 and AR:

Being able to set voice routing per KIT instead of GLOBAL. This would open up the possibility to preconfigure kits with some tracks being 100% wet on fx (ie. insert-like). It’s a bit of a pain to switch this manually from a track to another when playing live.

An even cooler alternative would be to do it at the SOUND level through a second page on the AMP parameters with that setting so that it could even be p-locked for crazy spatial fx :loopy: (one can dream)


Not bad! Sound level seems utopian(and would probably increase the storage space the sound data takes by a significant degree, is my guess. But on a kit basis–not bad


You can set voice routing on a per kit basis :wink:


My bad… a little overlook on my side. That’s awesome!


Refined/expanded Custom Arp workflow - A way to make it poss to input the arp notes via keyboard… Would use this A LOT on my AK.


I would like something on the screen to show what notes are being played in a chord (like the OT or MD) instead of seeing bright and dull lights on the keyboard. This leads into the other request of a way to enter chords via the screen and level knob instead of the keyboard. Using the keyboard is great if your chords are all in the same octave, but when they’re not, it’s a pain in the tuchus to hold the keys, change the octave, then click another key, esp if the 2nd key is the same note an octave lower or higher than a previous note.


Fine tuning per sound.
Currently tuning is only in 1/2notes.
In combination with p-lock this can be used as a workaround to create the much requested micro tuning /scales.
True, currently this can more or less be achieved by using p-lock and tuning the individual OSC’s in exactly the same way, but that is somewhat cumbersome.


Dunno if this already requested. But a mode/option where sequence p-locks can be ‘played’. Without sequencer running. Maybe I imagined it but iirc minilogue allows something like this?


Shortcut for ‘jump to final patch in current bank’ when browsing. Small feature but would see lot of use here. Maybe it’s there already?


Press the Trig … then tap the lit note … voila


Thanks but I mean so the automation/p-locks from the sequence run through and effect what youre playing on keys. For pads/drones/weirdness :wink: Think this is possible on minilogue?

Edit - so the sequencer kind of ‘is’ running. I didn’t word it right originally :wink:


Care to elaborate, what makes adding midi sequencing to A4 “really really difficult”?


Genuinely intrigued about this too. I know zero about this stuff but I would have (probably naively) figured a slightly tweaked version of the same sequencer code from the OT/DT would do most/all of the leg work? Obvs depending if the AK has enough cpu/space to throw it in there. Anyone with coding chops explain why it would be any harder/incompatible on A4/AK?



a thing that could be: it would need to work with “extreme” settings. E.g. set sequencer tempo to 300, then put 1/80 retrigs in each track. That’s a lot of events! The machine should handle this without hiccups, and it does with the internal engine. Maybe there’s a CPU performance issue there, however sending 6 midi bytes (on/off) per event shouldn’t be very taxing.

These machines do a very good job with sending/receiving sysex data quickly, without hiccups, which certainly is a higher load than sending a bunch of note/cc events…

Haven’t done the math, but could be that this extreme setting might be simply too much data for DiN MIDI speeds. But, nothing that couldn’t be worked around with, e.g. it could limit emitted events somehow. In the worst case, retrigs could be ignored and it would still rock.

Also, the sequencer does in fact send MIDI events, but it’s only program change messages on pattern change.

Since the DT can do it, and the AR apparently cannot, and assuming - it’s really just an assumption, it’s all we have to go by - that the DT OS is largely derived from Rytm but sans the analog control parts with the biggest difference being UI, I would think there might be an issue with the hardware design somehow, but I don’t understand how the machines can do the sysexing really well, yet sending notes would be tricky.

random other things I can think of:

  • not enough OS code space - unlikely imo
  • not enough space for additional data structures - would only be problematic if the goal was to have additional 8 or 12 dedicated MIDI tracks