A4 Feature Requests


I explained everything succinctly in the first post, these parameters are not even sequenceable, so there’s no point in them turning up there on those screens … by all means suggest away, ignore me, but that feature won’t migrate up the UI … Elektron will not cram things in at the expense of consistency, elegance and user experience … every Page 1 Param on OT is lockable, every Page 2 param is not, all page Params on A4/K/R are lockable

let’s leave it there, if you want to muse more about this try the recently surfaced thread on legato



First thing i’ve noticed by ear then checked with a tuner is the drift amount of the “oscillator drift” is very subtle. Would it be possible to have a user setting for that? I think it can make the A4/AK DCO sound a bit more alive.

A second feature i would love to have is the possibility to “Force to scale” inputed keyboard notes without having to turn the arpeggiator or sequencer on an maybe add a couple of scales options. Nothing too exotic but at least minor harmonic…

Maybe it also can help to have a kind of decimal parameter display. i like to modulate the whole pitch of my sounds with a very subtle amount by, let say a LFO. a 1 setting is already too much for this kind of effect so you have to check the little line across the knob displayed on the screen (which disapear very quickly)

Last but not least, a feature that i’ve already posted on the AK theard : a “a la blueArp, Cream, Cthulhu” Pattern based Arpeggiator
For those who don’t know those dope plugins, here’s a short exemple of what it can do :
You can set a ordered note number for each step. Let’s say you want your arpeggio pattern to be irregular, you just set a 1/3/1/2/3/2/1/3 value, then you play a chord (Let’s say a A min) arpeggiator will now play a A/E/A/D/E/D/A/E pattern.
With that you can play any chord, 1 always be the lowest note of the chord, 2 the seconde lowest and so on…

Hope it can help!

Ps: Sorry for my english…


Repeat request, but unipolar lfo. And the option to have it complete one cycle and stop.


I do believe single cycles and even half cycles of the lfos can be triggered. Isn’t that in the options of encoder E?
Unipolarity would be sweet.


Pitch tracked lfos would be great for controlling parameters on the cv channel.

Signal could maybe be pulled from the Track 1-4 oscillators just like sequencer data can be borrowed by the cv channel.


The fork-type multiplier wouldn’tbe useful for it? Using proper LFO tempo setting,


I guess what I meant could also be implemented as routing options for the Track 1-4 lfo destinations. Give the option to route the track 1-4 lfos to cv channel pitch for linear fm of a cv controlled oscillator or filter or whatever. Then route audio from that cv controlled device through that track on the A4, and you’ll have some marvelous sound design opportunities.

I think it would really round out the a4 as a package. The cv controls should be as flexible as the internal track controls, and they should be deeply integrated into the synth’s options. I’m worried Elektron has abandoned them for Overbridge, while they should be a big part of what makes this synth unique.


I know it would be the Dickens to make happen, but, have the parameter slides work/not work in accordance with conditional trigs


I would love that aswell, seems more like a bug fix to me :slight_smile:


I know what you mean, and I really miss this … to clarify it for those not up to speed

Where we currently have a menu for e.g. Velocity(or Aftertouch) as Modulation Source (with 4 or 5 slots and you select destination and dial in a mod amount) we are looking for an additional MOD Source

That source is Keytrack (although keytrack is trickier on the AR as it has a limited range)


Edit: This was in reply to the post which now appears below !


Please add a Keyboard MOD page on Sound Settings for the Analog Machines. Pleassssseeee!


Pretty trivial/no big deal but…

Maybe been mentioned already but bugs me how I have to be super quick if I’m auditioning lfo destinations from the list, otherwise the display switches back to the lfo page. Kind of fiddly enough anyway browsing through with the knob. Any chance it could maybe be better if it stayed on the destinations page and require a tap on LFO button to return to the page?


I can second this.


Yep - it is absolutely the wrong feel, makes me nervous in those menus, timeout is way too soon and if the menu does vanish it always resets so you have to tweak back and audition again, not sure of the best solution, but it could do with another second or so lingering imho


^ I agree.


copy pattern and kit from 1 project to another. very tedious at the moment. thanks


copy sound pool from 1 project to another!


being able to send an oscillator from any track to a cv-out …using this with a modular setup as additional osc or ringmod would be killer.


Would be nice to have more waveforms if that’s somehow possible :slight_smile:


Yeah… 12bit waveform for the crunch :loopy: