A4 and modded Monotron


Cheap and quite easy mod. First time I use A4’s CV for a synth ! (I used it once to sequence a guitar pedal expression input).
Gate (CVB) and Pitch (CVA) control.

I’ll give more details if someone is interested.
I’d like to solder cutoff next. @jaystink, some advices ?

Quick test, gives an idea.

Want to sequence Monotron Delay

Cutoff control is very easy. An alligator clip on the pot, done. :slight_smile:
With the CV Track, Envelope control of the filter, lfos…


Sounds very good!


Another test with Cutoff control. 100% Analog Four control.
(I updated the first test, so it’s the same above)

Is it possible to have Overbridge on the Monotron ?


Added Resonance control. That was tricky, but I found another simple solution :
Photocell + led + adhesive ! :smile:


Another Monotron record, played 6 times at different speed in Octarack. Abusing resonance !


A4 + Modular...any ideas?

2nd one is filthy! :slight_smile:


these all sound great, nice companion to the A4


I have to say I really enjoyed A4 CV control possibilities ! The voltage tuning was necessary, and everything worked quite easily, after a few tests : yes, it works !

I have a 70$ XOX Heart to solder, and I believe the Monotron will be a little souvenir after…

Anyway I have to record a Rolling and Scratching cover with the Monotron, as its Ms 20 like filter sound similar as the MS 20 they were supposed to use. I already have the pattern for that, same tempo / note.
I need to find the right distortion (A4 overdrive is not enough), and I think the best candidate is Analog Drive ! Analog Heat is too gentle. :smile: