7 × OS Update


I guess no bug . if I press func global I come to the global pages :

func global open the gloabel page ,iIdive deeper in the menu to projects . and then I press again func global and i get out of the global project.
and if you press again func global you go back to the menu point whre you left before.


Works fine for me too.

However small bug: LFO speed shows “x” for both types of speed. Used to be a dot for unsynced.


ok than it is a bug only in my rytm. When i press func+ global i am not in the globel menu page. i am in the loading projects list.

It is workin after pressing func+kit


This seems to be happening when the transfer app is open. Presumably it is to prevent access to the samples while transferring.
Otherwise it works normally over here.


Guys, will I be able to downgrade the OS without problems if I still want to keep on using OB with my AR mk1? I really want to try the new dual vco, butalso be able to swtich back to OB if I want.


I’m still getting pretty disappointing transfer speeds on AR Mk1.

PC->AR 0.21 MiB/s
AR->PC 0.14 MiB/s

Can anyone confirm this?


Under Port Config is “Ouput To/ Input From” USB only?


Like @xidnpnlss said - set MIDI in and out to USB only and you will see significant speed increases for transfers.

I make use of a global slots to make this easier. 1 slot stores settings for playing the device, another slot stores settings for faster Backups and transfers.


Unfortunately i already had it at USB… :frowning:
Can you guys tell me what speeds you see in the transfer app?


I have only been using c6 up to this point with my Rytm MK1, so I cannot comment on the transfer app speeds


Aah, well, :slight_smile:


I just tried the transfer app. These are about the speeds I am seeing as well (.14-.16 in either direction). While not exceedingly fast, they are not terrible. Try using just the DIN5 MIDI ports and you will be pleased you don’t have to bother with that!


That’s roughly what I’m seeing too.

I never took issue with C6 speeds. Just having a more streamlined approach was what I was hoping.

Are MKI users going to get to know how many MBs they’ve put on their Drives?


updated the DT, feels snappier


Well, they are comparable to USB1 speeds. To me that is not so great.

Maybe it’s limited by the +drive speed or something?

I have to say the speed at least is better than before.
And it seems more stable than C6 and we get folders.
So i’m glad at least it all became more usable.


I’ve updated all my products EXCEPT the Heat. For some reason the Heat won’t show up in C6. I’ve tried everything. Port Config Input and Output are both set to MIDI. Digitone, Digitakt, AF, and AR all updated flawlessly. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Getting closer :heart_eyes:



My Heat is viewed as “Elektron Overbridge 1”


Great. Did you updated it?


Yes, I have updated my 4 Elektron boxes in less than 5min via C6.
I had to quit Ableton Live in order for C6 to being able to send the firmware to the boxes.

Hope to be chosen as a beta tester for OB2 for me to use AH as an insert in Live.