7 × OS Update


That is a pretty big NOTE on the Analog Keys, updating will cease 1.15 OB. Deal breaker for upgrading on that one.


It’s a note for all the mki and was expected/has been mentioned that this would be the case. Since it’s just beta testing now if you use ob 1.15 I would wait on the upgrade


We have written the following note when downloading the firmware:
“Note: Overbridge 1.15 (or older) will stop working if you install this firmware update. Back up your projects! If you later decide to downgrade, your projects need to have been backupped before upgrading to this version.”

Don’t upgrade if you are dependent on current Overbridge to continue to work. Wait until it’s out of Beta.


This should go at the top of the main post. Hype for Overbridge! Any guesstimate how long the beta will last for?


dual VCO is killer.
the transfer app is even better than I expected, transferring samples to my RYTM at modern speeds. I don’t even care when Overbridge 2 comes out personally. I am one happy camper. Thank you Elektron! I know you took some flack from us but you finally delivered :slight_smile:


Does this also mean that it doesn’t show up in the computer as an audio interface? I don’t need Overbridge per se, but using the output of the Rytm is pretty essential for me.


people dont read the release notes… although its worth double checking on here too if you have read them and still slightly confused ( also we dont all use english as our 1st language).

ive updated most of my gear tonight and its all been fine
i’ll update heat tomorrow.
vco seemed good , i just need to work out how to get rid of the click on the attack, but i only dabbled for 10 minutes,


My kingdom for more Parameter Lock memory on Rytm MK1


Hi! So today great news for my Analog Rytm mk1 with the new update! Now, I have a few questions, because I use Overbridge a lot:

  1. If I install the new update with the new dual VCO, I will not be able to use Overbridge anymore currently (as OB2 is not released yet)?
  2. Can I use Elektron Transfer with 1.31 OS?

Hope to hear from you guys!


You will lose current functionality with overbridge. You will gain the new vco machine and the use of the transfer app.


I thought @Elektron were all on your summer vacations with just a skeleton staff (an the OB team locked in the basement). It seems you’re all still working full tilt, so thanks for that. I hope you guys still manage to get a good holiday!



Soundlock Fix!

OB2.0 Support!

Thank you Elektron!


Thanks! Would I be able to downgrade if I would like to use Overbridge again?


Yeah! This made my day! Thank you!:grimacing:


It’s Christmas in the middle of the summer !

Tack så mycket !! :sparkling_heart:


Not summer in the south but…


Just updated my Digitone. Now salivating a little more for that sweet, sweet multi-track USB streaming in Overbridge. :yum:


So as a owner of a A4 mk1 it would be probably better to wait with the update until Overbridge v2 is ready?
Besides the A4 mk1’s only new features is the „increased the number of LFO speed snap values“.

But still nice to see that the whole lineup gets updates/bugfixes.


i updated my rytm, but i’m keeping the a4 as is for now. OB makes it too easy to sync with a daw to give up completely


After updating my Rytm Mk 1 the Global Menu is not opening by pressing func+ global.
It is directly opening the loading list with the names of the project files.
Trying several times and still not working. That might be a bug.