432 anyone?

@Bill settings. Use arrow buttons to select desired tuning.

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Do it right lol


The last minute of that video is the only useful bit.
If it sounds good to you, then use it.

You can tune your instruments to any pitch you like. If it sounds good to you, then it is. Thats it. The end.

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Really enjoyed watching that. Thanks!


I completely subscribe to that.

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As do I, right up until someone starts with the 432 opening cosmic gates/universal vibrations bullshit.


Aye. Its all cobblers.

When you play with microtonal instruments, you reach a point where ‘tuning’ becomes irrelevant. You will bend the instrument to fit what it does or doesnt need to fit.

Playing equal temperement instruments is a bit more square, but so long as everyone is in tune with each other, it just doesnt matter what reference pitch you choose.


Likely this has been answered elsewhere but I’m having a really strange tuning problem when using the Digitone with Overbridge. Most patches are a full semitone flatter than they should be and some are transposed even further…I was thinking I may have accidentally messed with a global tune function but, turns out, there ain’t one :man_shrugging:t4:

Oh…several posts above me there’s a picture of the master tune…the plot thickens haha!

I want to tune my synth to 420.
It’s a little bit deep down low, but high the same time.


Hey so I see the master tuner was added on a digitone firmware update
What is the status on the current digitakt as to master tuning functionality?


Thanks, @Microtribe
Is that the way to go for someone who would get either and looking for a master tuner, or is there now that functionality included in both instruments?

I dont know for sure but one would assume the Digitone Keys has the same master tune parameters. Maybe check the manual online?

The Digitakt has no “master tune” function.


Snap it was a while since I was thinking about this /researching… the model I was initially interested in having a master tuner does in fact have one, aces & hats off to the folks at elektron :slight_smile:

Most synths do. Its not an unusual thing.

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Has master tune been added yet?

Master Tune is on the DN now. Been a bit! Since 1.21 firmware (June 2019)

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