432 anyone?

Gimme that Cthulhu-tone, man!

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hmm, so none of yall have HQ pitch shifters in your DAW?

That’s what I’m used to use for fixing such issues (guitar and bass takes recorded without checking tuning first, singers singing flat while working with headphones etc). For live however, there I can see how this would be problematic… Either tune the other instruments to DN or spend one LFO per track for offsetting the pitch slightly? Or perhaps use MIDI loopback and use a pitch bend value from the MIDI track side?

so i could be completely off here (cause the digitone is my first venture into fm synthesis) but i heard somewhere that elektron made it so that when changing ratios, only certain ones can be dialed in rather than go through all frequencies? if this is the case (and i’m not completely misunderstanding something) then changing the master tuning could potentially mess up the given ratios.

Also, I had my analog keys tuned to 432 but had to change it because i tune all my drums and well … the rytm doesn’t have master tune. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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Ostensibly to implement master tuning on the DN it wouldn’t just tune the Carrier but all operators simultaneously. Thus maintaining the consistency of the ratios.

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ahhh, thank you. i haven’t dived into fm synthesis to the point of understanding how it works … i use my ear.

i should do some reading

I really wish they could introduce an “expert mode” (or, an amateur experimental mode in my case) where any value is possible. It’s something I really appreciate with my other 4-op synth, the TX81Z, that you can get any weird sound of it you like.


or everyone could just tune to the digitone which would arguably be at a reference C.

You can get inbetween ratios using the detune or a 0 speed square lfo set to pitch for ops 2/4.

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There are probably workarounds, but that’s not what I want.

Yeah, it sure would be nice to have a bit more control over the ops, but there are plenty of advantages to this approach. For example, I can put a random LFO on the ratio and know that it’s always going to be a usable ratio, especially if I use one of the B’s that has more coarse intervals. Or I can sweep them to get some interesting arp like effects. I also like being able to modulate the b level to get the interplay between both B operators. It’s pretty unique.

At least you still have your TX81Z which you can sequence from your Digitone.

Before that I would like to see more options with the two filters. Bandpass and notch modes, envelopes and res on the secondary filter.

Though we’re totally off topic now.

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Isn’t the whole point of the DN to make FM synthesis more approachable for those unversed in FM synthesis? I’m pretty new to FM, I’ve only used the Dexed VST before, which I didn’t understand very much of :sweat_smile: Managed to dial in some cool, clean sounds tho. And so far I’m loving the DN, getting alot of interesting results, fairly quickly. But, for me, optional ratio decimals / finer increments would be awesome for smoother automation / LFO-results…


I was looking for a synth and found the digitone’s sounds strikingly preferable to many of the synths with which it was compared in product videos. That it functions as a groovebox is a huge plus as well. If it has this last functionality of flexible tuning it would really make my day—I’d’ve found what I’m looking for. Have there been any developments on this front? Has master tuning been implemented on the Elektron Digitone?


Yes. Master tune is available on digitone lastest firmware. I use it.


Oh yeah, all my tracks are in 432 and there are ratio offsets

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i’m always surprised that some people believe that a different master tuning will make a difference but i never heard any of them talk about the relations between frequencies…

the reason that a standard tuning was chosen is that everybody can easily play together. isn’t that a good thing, uniting people?

however, relations between frequencies matter, A LOT! microtuning, pls elektron! :smiley:


RYTM new user here. I’m dissappointed to read that there isn’t a Master Tune. I guess we could Detune each individual voice by a certain amount ( what would that be for 432? etc. )

I also wish I could Tune my Dual VCO voices by smaller amounts than a whole number.

Latest firmware has master tune.


Where is the master tune function found? The SYN2 page?