432 anyone?

Ok I know its like opening pandora’s box here…but has anyone figured out how to master tune the DN to the mystical 432 hz ? I know we can do this on the A4 pretty easily.


If responding to the topic in the general sense, it’s best to do so here … there are threads on this already :zonked:

If answering the DN question, do so below


no master tuning for small digi boxes


Oh no please tell me Im doing something wrong, I was starting to like this instrument SO much.
Even my $20 yamaha FM keyboards have master tune!

I’m just getting so annoyed by just such crap instruments being released these days.
Very lazy development or clueless, take your pick, I’ve never heard of a synth without a master tune.

Octatrack- Slices can’t be accessed by midi.
All Elektron machines, sound locks can’t be made over MIDI.
Akai MPC X & live- Respond on ONE midi channel only!
Pioneer Toraiz -Slices can’t be accessed by midi, Pad’s can’t send midi and play sounds at the same time, so you can’t record into another sequencer or use them as MIDI pads !
NI Maschine -Broken Midi spec, MIDI out ports don’t send midi out in midi control mode !

Absolutely terrible situation in hardware right now in my opinion made frustrating that all of the above have great modern features, I wonder if things will get worse or better.


We feeling better now that we’ve vented? :slight_smile:


That’s a bummer. I didn’t even think of that as it seems standard (of the 15 synths I own, I know 12 do, never checked the old 80’s trio I have though).

Anyone know if this can be updated in the firmware?
Any hardware reason it’s not capable?


Will feel better when manufacturers actually stop selling us unfinished or broken products.
We pay enough money for them don’t we?
I would say that it is an ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL feature of any synth, to be able to tune it to other instruments!
It means if anyone made a ton of tracks on other Elektron gear which were not tuned to 440hz like me, then you will not be able to use the Digitone with your other Elektron machines, especially if you recorded audio from vocals or other instruments.
I’d say that was pretty a bloody serious error and I’m going to get a refund as the product is incomplete and I can’t even use it with my other Elektron equipment , never mind other instruments, terrible mistake by Elektron.

Do you think its acceptable that you can’t tune the Digitone to other Elektron equipment??

Given that I haven’t noticed before you said something and, even now, don’t mind- I’d definitely say that fits comfortably within the definition of “acceptable”



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Probably it can be, as the Digis have a digital engine. I dont belive it will happen tho. For Digitakt it does not even make sense. For Digitone it could be useful but it seems not really fitting into the concept. But I might be wrong here.

Instead of changing the master tuning, maybe it helps to finetune the individual voices of Digitone to whatever frequency you prefer.

It’s a sampler… all pitch relations are relative. If you “need” to tune to 432hz for cosmic alignment sample from sources already at 432 standard and it’s fine. Any equal temperament source is easy to match. Non equal temperament is also not that hard to achieve if you have an ear and knowledge about it


Thought this was about the tone?

To be fair I can imagine valid reasons for wanting master tuning.

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Ah, you are right, tired and should have looked closer. Master tune on a synth is important, but not a make or break feature for 90% of people. I just don’t see why anyone would go out of their way to work in a tuning system that has no real advantages (outside of new age pseudoscience BS) and a pretty big drawback, namely that 440hz has been a widely adopted standard for a long time and most instruments use it by default and many use it exclusively. Why use something intentionally different and then complain that other systems don’t adapt to it?


I do agree with all of that. But there are situations like working with acoustic instruments, or messing around with tape, where master tuning could potentially be useful. Not a life or death feature though obviously but still handy.


At least these are legitimate reasons as opposed to all the mystical nonsense associated with 432hz.



rhere is no master tune option on the dn…!?

sorry, but only techno only digheads can call other basic tunings mystical nonsense…
the whole classic world of music worx within a different tempered of allover tune…and it¡s not only for some mystical reasons at all…

every osc is per definition a free willy…and it should be no big deal to give dn an overall master tune…
but wait…hmmm, thinking of all that pre fab harmony ratios, it might be bigger deal indeed…
within fm, it¡s all about tuning the tune somehow…

so, maybe, yes…while working along with classical instruments and whatsoever, you might need to tune the single trax each for themselve to make them fit in…

That’s what we’re saying you dighead.

…ok, this one’s on me…i’m the dighead here…did’nt get ur legitimate reasons bit…
but let’s get this straight…440 rules were just another overall simplifier of these new times we’re living in…
and different tunings are the essence of the whole thing we call music…so…here we go…

Just a convention (that’s an iso rule now…)… may change in times… used to be 404, 410, 420, 430, 435… no real meaning by itself, but yes, if you happen to play this synth with, say, an ancient piano… you may experience difficulties :laughing:

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