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Through all the rhetoric about AI. It seems that it’s only as good as the information funneled into its algorithm. And ChatGPT has the biggest subset of data and human data sampling to date.

This is what I picked up from Lex Friedman.

Saying that. This is a good fundamental to making a beat. It works for any breakbeat, which is the basis of DnB.

I’m curious how Alexa or Google would answer. Or if you asked for a specific genre or musician, like Noisia.

Cheers, will do!

I would be wary of the kick on every quarter, but for sure you could. And i do like some 4/4 breakdowns/fills in dnb.

Im just a little surprised it didnt suggest something more 2-step, which at first glance i thought it did

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Yeah. That’s what I think as well. Too many kicks unless a fill.


Or not. F#*k it. There are no rules.

Thanks for shoutout @BLKrbbt!

My favorite part of sampling is taking something random and seeing what happens. So recently I started recording the weekly recap of the instagram channel “from dust to digital” and that was the inspiration for this idea. Here is a link to the most recent video collection:


Another similar “found sound” exercise using the internet is just record your doom scroll session on YouTube shorts or tik tok whatever social media sites you use (if you don’t know what I’m talking about god bless you). There’s some alchemy in turning that nonsense into art


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Nice. I saw this challenge was going on and a few rounds deep. I am definitely going to get in on this.

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Yo. That’s a great idea for the battle after this! It has to have a Synth, a guitar riff, and of course the drums.

And we will call it that. “Back to DnB, people!”


I’m in!

Just to be clear - what’s meant by making the sample the “main element?” Is that up to creative interpretation? Can we use other samples?

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It’s up to you! All is welcome. I try to throw some guidance out there, but submit where it takes you.

(sshhh! don’t tell anyone that they don’t even need to follow the prompt, if you want to ignore the vote!)

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Thanks! I’d like to submit regularly if I can : ) I am sincerely not worried about “the drama.” lol

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Even if you can’t submit, you can still drop in!

Only those who submit get a counted vote, but you can still post your pics, and share some constructive and loving feedback.

I’m excited to hear what you make though!

So hope you find the time!

I won’t get into the details, but I’m on medical leave for the semester so I have loads of time and need to keep busy for my mental health : ) Making music again was highly recommended by my therapist.

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That’s perfect then.

There’s also

Which is great, because there is no voting. Just submit whatever.

And let me know if you need anything. You can bounce ideas and stuff off the thread if you want.

And you can disregard the “competition” aspect of the battle. It’s really just an excuse to produce music together, and to have a framework to share. The results actually don’t have too much impact.

Unless you are a musical killer, out for blood… then it’s war.

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Here are some resources for you, or whoever, to help you along

Free Samples Vol.6 - Drum & Bass Sample Pack - Ghost Syndicate Audio


If this is therapeutic for you right now, I’d rather you have fun with this instead of taking it too seriously, so let me know if you get stuck or whatever, and we can see if we can “unjam” you jam.

Or if a track isn’t working out…. Just bail on it and try another one. Don’t get too caught up in the details.


Shit. You can post up just 8 bars if you want and I’ll add it to the playlist.


Thanks! DnB/Jungle was my first love in dance music : ) But I can always use more samples as I am primarily a sample based artist. And yea, I may drop you a draft via DM at some point if that is OK or are we doing that in-thread? I don’t care either way.

And yea, I’m just here for the fun aspect, if I rank via vote that’s just a bonus. Appreciate all the effort.

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Everyone can DM me for advice. If submitting for a vote, I think it’s fun to be anonymous and then have it revealed after the votes are in.

I’m no expert though, so I will try to help the best I can.

And this is an invite for everybody. Just to be fair.

Plus it makes me better interacting with other peoples productions.

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I should say. It’s really not representative of the quality of music if you get votes or not.

That’s a byproduct of keeping the votes to just those who submit. It always leans heavily towards just a few of the track.

Plus, I think posting votes in the thread might weigh the vote in favor of the lead.

But, it’s really not about that, so I’m not trying to change up that aspect.

I’m saying this just to temper expectations.


Cool cool. Yea, really no expectations here. It just sounds like a fun project. And yea, forgot about the anonymous aspect. I agree, I like the idea of listening then finding out which track belongs to each person.