Hip-Hop Beat Battle #19 Loosely rock themed

This one’s going to be kind of a return to the format of the very first battle we had here. However there are going to be a few variations.

For those that weren’t around, the original format was this. First, everyone submits a link to a sample. Then everyone makes a beat with at least one of the samples that was posted. The only restriction is that you cannot use the sample that you submit. So you can flip everyone else’s.

For this one, we are going to follow roughly the same format. But I want you to submit up to 3 samples. The first sample is the one that you will not be able to use. It’s the one for everyone else. It should be a full song. (Not an album. A song. Preferably under 10 minutes.)

For the other samples, I’d like you to choose things like drums, or bass and lead sounds. Basic things. These are samples for everyone to use. And you can use these samples too.

Also, for these samples, if it’s from a song, I don’t want you to post the whole thing. I just want the portion that you want to use.

You can only use samples posted in this thread.

So, here’s my first sample.

This is the sample that all of you can use. I can’t use this one. I chose this one because it’s pretty dang guitar heavy I was thinking, after @monquixote suggested it, of making this battle rock themed. I think that if everyone is so inclined, that could be cool. But I also think that it would be fun to mix and match other kinds of samples with the guitars. So post whatever you think will be fun for people to flip.

Here’s my second sample:

This is from the intro for the late Bob McGrath’s “So You Think You Can Whistle.” It’s a Sesame Street record that I’ve used in a whole lot of the beats that you’ve ever heard from me.

This is my third sample.

It’s a bass sound I recorded from my Digitone. I think it shows up in just about half the beats I’ve done with my Circuit Rhythm.

So that’s what we’re doing right now. Everyone that wants to be in this battle needs to submit their samples before Sunday, March 5th.

Your samples should be:

  1. A full song
  2. A short sample that you want to use.
  3. An optional second short sample that you want to use.

If you’re more of a one shot person, a drum kit or a multisampled instrument can count as one sample. You would just need to post a link to a folder or a wav file with all the sounds on it.

Hopefully that all makes sense?

The deadline for your beat is Sunday, March 19th. Maximum length is 2:30. No acapellas this time around.

Edit: Just to be clear, no outside samples or synths for this one. You can only use what’s been posted in this thread. The idea here is that everyone has roughly the same set of tools.

Please pm me a link to a wav or mp3 of your beat. Please include your name in the title of the message.

Alright, I think I’ve got everyone’s embedded samples here so that you can download them in one go.

  1. One of my favourite songs when I was a kid.

and 2 picks from the sample library on my computer

Guitars, exciting! Are we allowed acapella’s this time? Any time restrictions?


I just updated my post. But nah, no acapellas. And we’ll go with 2:30 for the maximum length.

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Sounds good :slightly_smiling_face:
Nice one for the concept guys although I have a couple of annoying questions.

I know I can’t use my main sample but do I have to use the mini samples I post, or can I choose to use everyone else’s instead?

Does my finished beat have to sound like a hip hop rock track?

Can we use synths or outside bass or drums that haven’t been posted to use?


No. You can use any samples. I just want you to be able to use some of your go to samples of you want.

Ideally it should. But if you feel pulled in a different direction, I say go for it.

No. I don’t think I made that at all clear in my post. So I’m going to edit that now.


Just double checking… So there’s no limit on the number of samples used, but they all must come from the shared pool of samples uploaded, and again, just can’t use the first of 3 samples that (as example) I share?

I’m hoping to join. Life has kind of kicked my ass this month, but hoping to pick things up again.


You’ve got it. You can use any sample in the thread other than your first sample, which should be a full song.


Whoever uses that, you’re welcome :wink:

Random Drambo exports from my phone:

Looking forward to this one. :metal:


I’m right out my comfort zone with this one but I’m definitely in.
Here’s my main sample, you also get the added bonus of a sick drum break at the start.

As for the other samples, the trouble is… I’m not the sort of person that keeps instrument samples except for drums, I tend to only gather things when I need em cos I’m very lazy.
In fact, since @sleepyhead posted it in the Wu-tang battle, I’ve used his Bass 3 sample from his sample pack in every battle and beat I’ve made since then.
So i can’t really post that :joy:

I’ve selected a couple of my favourite drum breaks that I’ve used many times over the years and always return to instead.


Nice song selection!



I’m a little embarrassed I didn’t make the last one, but throwing in now:

Sample 1 – Woman on the Screen by Boris:

Sample 2 – E Bass -> Boost -> Clean Amp -> SM57 (Used as chops in a previous beat):

Sample 3 – Drum Break from the intro to “Younger” by the Mountain Goats (played by Jon Wurster):


This feels like a challenge challenge @Doug, and appreciate your and @monquixote’s idea for a rock-inspired theme. It took a minute to understand the brief, but it’s a really neat idea that adds spice to the event! :muscle: Thanks to the posters brave enough to ask for clarification. :tongue:

Hopefully, this song qualifies for the 1st track because it’s Zappa, and I consider him rock-ish…

This is a sample of Russell Simmons from an old program about early hip-hop (it was an older early-mid 2000’s show). I wanted to share some old samples and this is one I grabbed back in 2012 apparently, when we were sold on the idea that the world was about to end, and weed was still unpopular, especially with police :older_man:

Here’s another one from 2011 that I used to use a lot, and is probably from around the time I started producing. It’s an upright bass player going through a scale.

Going to be fun jamming with some giants and good luck to all who attend :beers:


This one is going to be tough, I can feel it…

Here’s my full song choice, first discovered this tune 40 ish years ago, my dad was a massive vinyl collector and had a huge amount of prog rock and funk, I used to sneak into his collection on afternoons when he and mum went to the supermarket, I’ve always loved this one in particular and wanted to do something with it so I’m turning it loose to see what you guys come up with .

Here’s a stab…

And heres a kick


Love that you still use stuff from my samplepack! Thats what I hoped when I made it.

I think I’ve never made anything out of rock music samples so this is way out of my comfortzone as well. I like a challenge though! Will look for some dutch rock samples (maybe some ‘nederbeat’) this afternoon.


If it has to be rock, so rock it is:

Here are a couple of samples that I made:

A synth arp in Cm 110BPM

And a metal scracth

Thank you!
Have a rocky day…


I just wanted an excuse to watch this clip again. Possibly the best videoclip ever made.

And here are my samples, both from a Thunderdome (gabber/hardcore) collection:


Wowee that hasselhoff thing is horrific, very nearly tainted my fond childhood memories of knight rider :sweat_smile: :exploding_head:


If you thought that was bad definitely do not google “hasselhoff feliz navidad”


Trust me, I won’t be doing that…:+1: my mind Is currently trying to unsee and hear the previous clip…