1010music Blackbox


Looks like 1010 have taken there sampler/sequencer eurorack module and boxed it up for a tiny groovebox.

Is BLACKBOX 1010music the Digitakt / Digitone killer?
Is BLACKBOX 1010music the Digitakt / Digitone killer?

Cool, looks like a great affordable polyphonic sampler with multiple outs and slicing…a MPC Light so to speak. Any info on polyphony limits (max. voices)? sample memory limit (streaming from microSD card)? Automation of parameters? Different filter types (LP, HP, BP…)?

It seems to share most of the specs with the bitbox, sooo:

  • Play up to 16 simultaneous samples from internal memory or up to 4 samples directly from microSD
  • Trigger samples with the touch screen, CV gate inputs, or MIDI input
  • Use MIDI for polyphonic playback of samples or slices
  • Control various sample parameters, including start position, length, pitch, gain, pan, loop mode, and launch quantization
  • Up to 8 CV modulators that can control the pitch, gain, pan, start, and length of all active samples
  • Import or export WAV files with your Mac or PC using a microSD card
  • 24-bit 48kHz stereo processing
  • 4-channel output available to each cell as 4 mono outputs or 2 stereo pairs
  • Various launch modes, including one-shot, toggle, and gate
  • Playback can be immediate or synchronized to analog or MIDI clock
  • Stereo or mono recording with the option to synchronize the start and stop times to clock inputs
  • Make recordings up to 4 hours in length
  • Record using preset loop lengths with automated playback
  • Save and recall unlimited presets
  • Export your sets to Ableton Live
  • Accepts TRS MIDI input compatible with Arturia and other products
  • Upside down UI mode enables you to mount the unit with screen on the bottom and use the screen, knobs, buttons, and CV jacks as you normally would


No CV unfortunately, still looks really nice barebones sampling sequencer with some interesting features though, and quite a nice price too.


Oh, cmon man !?
I loved the digitakt, the ease of use was and is the best but the limitations were too much for me so I sold it and went to OTMKII. I looked at so many samplers that I could pair with it and ipad(apps)
rackmount (old) samplers, Rossum Assimil8tor, and the 1010 Music Bitbox but It started getting too complicated and I am not a modular person, so having to purchase a powered chassis was not an appealing option.
Now, this comes out LOL
It would be nice if it could multisample, also I don’t think it has any time stretch capabilities maybe in a future update.
Still, very nice and the price is really good. I may have to get one of these.

EDIT: “Play up to 16 simultaneous samples from internal memory,” looking a lot sexier to me.


Oh crap just watched the video there is time-stretch this is a definite purchase!
@richie Thanks for posting!


Nothing I have read indicates it is anything other than pitch-affecting ‘timestretch’: like on the digitakt, rather than like on the OT


I owned the eurorack version of this, the bitbox, didn’t really impress me much so I sold it after about 6 weeks.

IIRC It didn’t have timestretch. It adjusted the length by re-pitching the sample. It also took a bars or two to sync correctly to the gate signal. It did do some nice random round robin type trigger stuff though.


I couldn’t find anything in the manual but was hooked by the video. I figure the timestretch would work for different samples synced up to the sequencer tempo.
Looked to be a great add on to the digitakt or Pioneer Toraiz SP-16


Shatter my dreams why don’t you !


ha, sorry. they may have polished it up by now for this new version.

But, if the OS is more or less the same as the version I got shut of at xmas then it just felt half done. I was waiting for them to start polishing up the firmware for their sampler and wavetable synth but instead they released some light controller firmware, then another was announced with MOK Waverazer VST synth, and now this, and I still don’t think they’ve updated their sampler yet.


No worries I appreciate the feedback and experiences. I like the form factor and could be a fun tool for sketches and ideas. I will give it a try worse case i return it.
Thanks, guys :grinning:


Awesome new product from 1010! neat design and features :slight_smile: Now i noticed a bad feeling in my chest which comes from the fact that i have the bitbox which got an update recently that provided quite basic features for a sampler though they were very welcome! I don’t know how companies are structured but it feels bad to me as a customer when all new products are developed with features from previous firmwares and gets additional features leaving hardware behind that aren’t even dated or obsolete.
I am writing this with that i know and i visited 1010 forum last week and there were no word on anything in the loop and now this dropped


Hey. What didn’t impress you about the BitBox Eurorack module?


Though I love the Bitbox formfactor, saving my sponz for this https://www.pipes.rocks


Yes forgot about PIPES, thought about joining the Kickstarter but decided to wait after the first batch is released.


The whole thing just felt unfinished, like they had this great box with a touch screen and lots of inputs and outputs sockets and they just threw the most simple bare bones sampler they could get away with into it in order to sell it.

Don’t get me wrong , this may be all sorted now with the new version, but they didn’t look like they were making large strides with updates as IMO they’re a small team and they’ve spread themselves too thin over too many different product types.


It’s true that the updates have been very limited during the past several months. The reason is that nearly all of our effort was dedicated to blackbox. We wanted to make this new release as mature and ready for prime time as possible. We will soon have the opportunity to port the new sampling features (and bug fixes) from blackbox over to bitbox and both will benefit in the process.

Thanks for the feedback.


Looks cool but note: Limited to 16 samples PER SONG. So essentially 16 samples per project.

Although they mentioned ‘hopefully expanding this in future’. I do love the size of it.


I’m curious how fast it would be to swap a few samples out at a time.
Could be great for working live with lots of stems / DJing thanks to the cheap high capacity microSD. So long as the time stretch is at least OT quality.