Your setups


Yes, it replaced the Jasper‘s rack and wanted my synth corner to be a bit more cozy at it is placed in my living room


This tray is perfectly sized! Been looking for something similar- where did you find it? Or did you make it yourself?


Couple reasons why that wont werk…

  • because of insane rent ive been selling gear to keep making rent, SF and Vancouver have the worst rents.
  • no room to store things. You get no space for your money. Small one bed in SF was 4-10k, and Van 2.5-6k.
  • in Van pay is much less than US and cost of living is higher.
  • we only have one income. I havent been able to find werk for the last three years

Rather than buy travel cases, im looking at tents and sleeping bags. Expecting ill be living in the street in the next two years.



Wow… tough life :confused:

I don’t have these problems but I do have a limited space and when on a budget I found that some cheap aluminium tool cases can be very useful (and you can store other things in them if not your instruments). I have one I didn’t even pay (found on the street, had to repair a bit) and I can fit a Digitakt and a TR-8S in it, plus cords & stuff. Still, I don’t think they can be as big as a SH-101.


@phaelam Wow, I knew renting in SF was bad, but I didn’t think it was that bad. I live down in San Diego (county) where I already think cost of living and housing is insane and ridiculous. I hope things look up for you sooner rather than later.


Un-packing my studio in our new flat.
Lots of things to plan and wire up.
And im still waiting for my new studio monitors to arrive , sold my old genelec 8030 with a 7050 sub and bought a pair of Hedd Audio Type 07 to get rid of the sub that took lots of space.


i made it - just a few pieces of wood and some screws :slight_smile: But it’s waaaay too heavy ahah


Where did you get that desk? I’m currently looking for something similar.


Is that a banjo next to the modular?


Yup my girlfriends banjo


cool jamming potential !


If u mean the big desk then its Zaor Miza Z. Bought it from Thomann.
Zaor Miza Z


Haha fair enough! It’s inspired me to have a hunt round the kitchen and homeware supply stores now tho…cheers!


Tough - hope things turn around for you soon!


You can BUY a single-wide in a trailer park here in FL for $4-10K. Why not just move?


I feel for you man, I was homeless is sf before I got into music so I didn’t have much to my name, but I can definitely sympathize


My mess of a setup, I love every little part of it though.


It’s a Digitone Keys in a gig bag.




Canadian. Had to leave US and and just arrived in Vancouver.