Your setups


oh… I remember these… so many parameters… yet so little joy in its use…


i noted only 2 downsides. as sequencer — no proper polyrhythm support (but can be done via arpeggiator). as synth — no parameter changes for playing note, so no filter sweeps for held notes. but i have other synths for that.


I used it mostly as a pad machine. I tend not to like machines that force a pattern/sound program (or kit) separation. Got rid of the mighty Roland MC-909 for the very same reason (and for its ugliness too, ahahah…).

But sure these rompler groovemachines still have impressive specs.


i see what you did there, Deckard :slight_smile:


GASing hard from this one.


I’m a bit reluctant to share, but I wanted to solicit any suggestions to how I could hook everything up in a more compact fashion. I’m not very happy with the angled rack. I think I should replace it with a flat-topped one and maybe get some kind of two-tier Elektron stand to place on top. Or put some shelves on the wall on the left. I dunno. I’m spoiled with too many options.


It looks perfect the way it is to me. I love the MPC on the stand like that.


Get shorter cables


Sorry, couldn’t resist.
But what worked for me was getting one of those “sit-stand” flexing stools, which made it easier to work with my synths stacked on top of each other rather than side by side.
But it’d be a shame to block out that window you have.


Is Faith your wife? Had to.


if you duct tape some broomsticks to your arms…


also thinking it looks good. your stool has wheels. just push around. i think your speakers might be too close together though.


Nope you are “spoiled” from bad basics, get a proper square table in a decent size that will give you room to place all your gear next to each other say on the left side of the room. Perhaps buy a elektron stand or even cheaper a IKEA mosslanda picture shelf, Its a perfect fit for your elektrons to sit in with a nice angle.


the brain & the spare brain


That really is a ton of cool gear in a tiny space. So compact and efficient.
How do you like the DE-200 delays?


Cheers @Nils!
It’s taken a while to hit that goal and I’ve gone through massive amounts of experimentation to get there. It’s all been fun (even the sleepless nights of how and where to route what.)

The old delay is glorious. The 12bit encoders really dirt up the sound and I love the fact that there are two different knobs for the dry signal and delay signal.


Cool! I’m keeping my eyes open for one of those, but they don’t turn up very often over here.


lol i just realized how dusty my desk is

digitakt > overbridge > ableton, mother is line in thru my old ass MOTU interface


Do you have any other ROMS in either of those EMU bad boys?


well, yes and no.
in XL-7, i have X-Lead 1, and in MP-7, i have Mo’Phatt and rare X-Lead v2 (which is basically X-Lead 1 with additional 5th bank).

for my applications (psy/goa trance & electro industrial), i would be happy even with X-Lead only, but of course i don’t mind adding more. not only TSCY & Beat Garden (that’s obvious), but also B-3 (hammond is underestimated in current electronic music), Vintage Pro, and Protean Drums (since i’m a drummer).

Mo’Phatt surprised me, i was sceptical about it, but it has a lot of excellent basses and percussions.


Thanks for the reply.
Yeah the MoPhat has some great sounds. Never managed to get the Protean Drums or the Vintage Roms but seriously if you find the Ethnic Rom (sorry I forget the name now) you should get it for sure, it’s absolutely stunning and obviously has a healthy amount of samples to add to the sound design.
I still have a Virtuoso with a Lead and (you guessed it) the Ethnic roms.
I had the MoPhat command centre but sold it way back now.
Great sounds though on most of the Emus, and I particularly liked the sequencer on them, the retrig/rolls and the bank of knobs was just astounding, obviously on the relevant models.
Enjoy man!

World Expedition is the name of the Rom :man_facepalming:t2: