Your setups


Moby had a big clearout for charity via a while back. Still kicking myself for not grabbing the absolutely thrashed electric guitar that went for something i’d be happy to pay for it. It was so beautifully thrashed!


All his drummachines are being put up for sale soon.


Like that Tycho picture :slight_smile:


Trying to reduce down
No room for monomachine , machinedrum , nord , Roland etc.
But I think less / non changing setup will be more productive and help bank balance.


Here’s me!

Signal flow for anyone interested:
Werkstatt oscillator through Dr. Octature II (modulated by self oscillating werkstatt filter). Doc Oc through Werkstatt VCA to Analog Four input and effects. A4 into Digitone into Rytm. Rytm to interface, with select individual outs to Korg Stage Echo. Wet echo (or spring reverb) through A4’s other input.

I recently discovered that VCV rack is happy with Elektron soundcard devices (after loopop’s vcv vid), so it is sent either to the A4’s master outs or through an A4 synth track. I was pleased to discover that sending it to the master output doesn’t occupy a synth track or either input. I assume it just joins the effects at the D/A conversion. When routing through a synth track, I set VCV’s midi channel to the same one as the A4 track, and sequence both with the DN.

I am patiently waiting for overbridge 2.0 to get the digitone and rytm (couldn’t resist dualVCO) in on the VCV fun.


How are those monitors? They look pretty sweet.


You should get someone that’s good with wood to make a stand to hold the Digitakt, Digitone and that controller keyboard all together so it looks like a synth in itself with wood ends.


That was the original idea when I contacted the guys about Digitakt/Digitone Double Stand but somehow they couldn’t do it. It much more flexible this way anyways. Because sometimes I switch out the Keystep for the Push when working with Ableton.


I looked at what he had on there (was interested in his old Roland drum machines). Pretty much everything I looked at was listed as broken/non functional.


I really love “show your setup” posts, first it was for input for what gear to buy, but lately is has become a search for inspiration for the right furniture where i can put all my stuff into use in a limited space.

Let me share my best find so far Olivier Ozouxs homemade studio setup.

This has been the closest to what i look for.

And the making of:


They’re not monitors! Just old Kenwood hifi speakers. I really need to grab some proper monitors, but I keep spending my cash on synths… :thinking:
They sound decent for what they are, and are capable of pushing bass frequencies down to about 30Hz or so. (The little id plaque on the speakers say 45Hz-20kHz, but there is some presence down lower.)


This is brilliant :joy:


All getting boxed for move to london in January. Keeping OT, DN and acoustic guitars with me while the rest is shipped. Enjoying this thread as I plot my new improved studio space in spring 2019.


So after trying a DT I ended up changing it (30 day return period) for a DN again. (had tested DN before)

Audio goes from DN to A4 input, A4 goes to AR input (through AR compressor) - all stereo
(could use DN input, if additional audi input is needed)

Midi from DN (master) > A4 MIDI in and from A4 MIDI tru > AR midi in [bpm per pattern!, rarely used songmode anyway]
(if needed, I can use midikeyboard / novation circuit [scale mode] to DN MIDI in on DN auto channel)

cool thing: i can control (program) the AR and A4 performance modes, additional midi parameters and modulation destinations (aftertouch, modwheel, …) via two DN midi tracks > brain already nearly melted while thinking of the possibilities :sweat_smile:

two ikea laptop stands, all on a height adjustable desk (moved the computer to the desk on other side of the room for now)

nice jamstation :sunglasses:


How do you play the keyboard like that?


I could imagine like that:



haha, would love to have hands like this :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed::grin:

@VDB reaching the keyboard is not that bad actually, especially when standing, it feels quiet good… but I am no great keys player, its more for note/chords entry… at the moment i dont have the keyboard there at all


CenkHands 3000™


there are even more possible combinations :rofl:

IMG_0042 IMG_0043 IMG_0044 IMG_0045

(sorry for crappy phone pics)

at the moment I like the not straight, messy one the best… will try it a bit…anyway, should actually make a little jam now instead of rearranging boxes :wink:



I guess I’ll just have to plug my guitar directly into my motherboard… lol.