Yamaha MODX Synthesizer


I’m using the MODX as a playback device for my Quantum programs–set up is simple a laptop,sample robot (montage edition that works with modx) and modx6 own internal sound card (44.1khz 24 bit) and USB midi (rather then a computer sound card). It gives me more voices then the 8 on the Quantum and provides a lightweight 6.8kg portable solution

Next step for me is to take the Quantum even further with integration Quantum AWM samples and FMX and come up with sounds totally new
exact set up in clip below


This is a good insight d2ba, thanks for sharing this! Extremely helpful.
Somehow i took the AWM2 sample engine in the MODX/Montage as for presets. Making your own samples with the Sample Robot or however, certainly should up the value of the AWM2 engine on the MODX for many people around here.

Nice to be able to use the MODX with the Quantum. They would definitely complement each other, with the FM voice strengths on the MODX. Each has audio inputs, so exchange during performance is possible, like for instance using Particle live on the Quantum on the MODX output.


Now i’m gasing for the Quantum and MODX together.


AWM2 looks pretty capable. From the product site:

Only found in Yamaha music synthesizers, the AWM2 engine offers much more than just sample playback. Each of the 16 AWM2 parts feature eight fully-programmable synthesizers with a filter (18 different types!,) amplitude, pitch and filter envelope generators, nine LFOs, 3-band EQ and a dedicated dual insert effect with Virtual Circuitry Modeling.


Still learning about the power of AWM --Think it has been overlooked maybe because it was too hard previously to use without a big screen and too hard to quickly load your own waves in without sample robot.

SampleRobot Development Team
Concept & Production: Christian Halten
Code, Concept & Graphics:Nils Zweiling
We would like to thank:
#####Aphex Twin#####


I think AWM2 is overlooked as it is basic sample based stuff they have been regurgitating over the years from their previous products.
From what I can gather they haven’t updated that side of the machine much?
If you have any good sample based libraries as most do I.e. Kontakt or Omnisphere, the AWM2 stuff isn’t the selling point of this synth at all.
Just an added bonus really


Been around since the SY77 from the late 80’s


I guess the last significant change Yamaha made to their AWM2 engine was the addition of XA (Expanded Articulation) to the Motif line around 2006. They developed Super Articulation for the Tyros first, then adapted it for the Motif.


I couldn’t find info on whether modulation of sample playback a la Octatrack was possible - eg. modulation of sample start time - but I wasn’t expecting it. Sample start modulation was possible on the Emu XL-7.


Some discussion on XA in the Montage, which probably applies to MODX. I’ve seen “Bad Mister” posts on this stuff dating to 2007 - whoever he is, he seems to know his Yamaha stuff. Also some Q&A about the AEM tech in the later Tyros models and Genos, and lack thereof in the “serious synth” products.


Yamaha refuses to call the Performance Recorder a “sequencer” on account of no editing capability, as stated in the FAQ: https://usa.yamaha.com/products/music_production/synthesizers/modx/faq.html

I think most peeps here will think “If it ain’t a step sequencer, it ain’t a sequencer”. My memory is probably faulty but it seemed like Richard Devine used an external sequencer to drive his Montage in the video posted a while back.

Same FAQ says MODX can play MIDI files (SMF and MODX format), so that’s something. Cool that MIDI files can be converted to arpeggio data! I wonder if MODX can be set up to play MIDI clips, or if import into Arpeggio is the only option. I’m sure the answer can be found in the manual too but I wouldn’t mind if you can answer.

Digitone seems like a a great choice of external step sequencer for MODX, especially for those who already own one. I’d probably use my OT and/or iPad, with SunVox being one of the top choices.


Just read the Modx thread on GS.
The last page of the thread there are users expressing my primary concern with this synth, and precisely why I haven’t bitten the bullet yet.
Some fundamental issues that knowing myself could shit me to tears when tweaking this thing.
Definitely seams like more of a preset box this one


You mean this bit?

Yeah, I could see this being a bummer for the folks that really want to dig into programming the thing, and spending more money for the Montage won’t fix the problem either.

I’m not clear on why they advise mapping the Super Knob to a Common Assignable Knob, then mapping that to a Part Assignable Knob, then mapping that to the part’s parameter (rather than just mapping the Super Knob straight to whatever parameter you want). I suppose on the Montage this gives you a bunch of mapped LED rings on your knobs which I suppose is nice, but it sure feels like a lot of extra steps to do something pretty simple. Maybe it’s just that I’m used to the Nord way and other common modulation matrices (where you map a source to a destination and call it a day)? It appears you can also do this directly on the MODX, but I’ve also gotten a “Super Knob full” message a few times when trying to do that with some of the existing performances, and it’s not apparent to me what’s filling it up (there are supposed to be 16 common-level mod assignments available at least, and there didn’t seem to be that many there when I got the “full” message, unless I was missing something).

  1. As far as I can tell right now, since each element has its own filter EG, if I want to give a sound a lil punch with the Filter EG, and the sound has multiple elements (many of them do), then I have to go into each element and adjust the following 6 parameters:
  • Attack
  • Attack Level
  • Decay1
  • Decay1 Level
  • Decay2
  • Decay2 Level


Yeah stuff like that point 2 is the sort of thing that kills creativity


That will be the guy that returns everything expect the P12 in 30 days -ignore him


So you like programming it?


Yeah i do but I’m putting my own samples in there. I explained earlier why this machine works for me --MODX6 USD$1000 street price IS A LOT OF SYNTH for the $$$
You won’t be aware of this.
There is an amazing software FMX Editor that the Yamaha engineers and sound designers use --not released to the public as it has features that will be later implemented in the hardware. Richard Devine programed his FMX presets with that editor .


Are they going to release the editor to the public?
No brainer for me if it came with an editor


I’m getting a copy when i do i will PM you here


Really, or are you pulling my leg ???




No you aren’t getting the editor, or no you aren’t pulling my leg? :grinning: