Yamaha MODX Synthesizer


how can he tell man, maybe he throws the MODX on the floor or crack the display with a hammer


I’m going to try the MODX myself in a store, sooner or later. I just want to make sure that touchscreen isn’t as delicate as my Korg M3s.


wasn’t the touchscreen on M3 with resistant - i mean you had to press really hard on that screen or not


Seconded. No touch screens, please.


I think I agree unless a touch screen with UI designed to be used with a stylus… as good touch has gotten at figuring out what we want to do with are big fingers it never feels accurate compared to a good wacom style stylus. I would be all down for a stylus driven vector synth or something that let me draw waves to interpolate between. It just has got to be done right which I’m not sure if I believe any company at this point would do. Obviously still give us are knobs sliders and other physical control interfaces.


No, not really hard. But the more you use it, the more you shorten the lifespan of the touchscreen. Eventually, it responds less and less to finger pressure, until it doesn’t respond at all or you get a “cant calibrate” error message when you try to calibrate.

I was using the screen as an XY controller until word of the screen flaws reached me. After that, I avoided touching it as much as possible.


M3 touchscreen was shit
Mine broke and virtually gave the synth away


Curious why would you like MODX over Montage?


Can’t speak for the modx, but the montage feels better than the m3m did - but then again, i never had any issues with that one either


Best MODX demo I’ve seen so far

I haven’t seen any truly awful MODX videos, but too many of them focus on the rompler sounds one might hear on a cruise ship or perhaps a lounge act, and when FM-X does get covered it’s that overused DX piano sound.

So let’s hear more of the Beast mode of this synth! Somebody stop playing it safe with the MODX demos already :wink:


Ah yes nothing like the sound of distorted metallic crystalline FM daggers :thup:


Forgot to mention that user’s comment on the other forum - don’t have enough FM synthesis skills to be worried about the last sentence, fwiw:

first sound I’ve made with it

it’s an extremely powerful FM synth

88 algorithms

my only complaint so far - feedback is only available on one operator per algorithm and is a stepped control


Feedback on an operator is when the output of the operator modulates itself. Kind of makes a sine sound like a saw wave. Standard on all hardware synths that I can think of to only have it on one operator.
NI FM8 for example though allows feedback on any and all operators.
Stepped feedback means when applied the feedback jumps in values rather than modulates continuously in a linear fashion


The Reface DX has continuous feedback on each operator, and on the TG77 you can have feedback on multiple operators (stepped). In the manual (might be in the Montage manual) Yamaha explains that the reason they have included operator feedback in the FM-X engine is only to emulate DX7 patches accurately, otherwise they think the additional waveforms & ‘skirt’/‘resonance’ parameters are more useful.


Yeah true
Had a reface DX and remember now feedback on each op.
What a terrible interface. Chucked it out after a few weeks I think


The Reface DX is 4-op, right?

In the original DX7 literature, it sets out an approach based around things like “if you want a square wave, do this with the operators, if you want a sawtooth, do this”, etc. So the philosophy was based in part around assuming you will often use two or more operators (or operator feedback) just to get a different basic waveform. So I guess the theory is partly if you add different waveforms in from the start you need fewer operators and/or fewer feedback loops in the algorithms. Similarly, if you have more operators you don’t need to use as many feedback loops. Maybe?

Edit: they actually have something very similar online still -


I’d totally buy a module or rack version of this. No room for more keyboards right now though :frowning:


This might have been posted before, but whatever, it’s gives an overview of what the workflow would look like. Some lounge-y sounds but also a taste of FM-X.


Formfactor ----its much smaller and lighter then Montage 6 so i can take this to band practice every week.Also has a much simpler button UX, 128 songs vs (64 songs)


Here is another way to get samples into MODX/Montage