Yamaha MODX Synthesizer


I’m getting the editor have faith --check out the Moog One forum here–scroll to the top–i had pricing and info two months ago on that–is that proof enough for you?


Considering that’s why I am on the fence with modx I am more than interested :thup:
If it came with an editor I would have owned it by now for sure


The MODX works for me with no editor but as always try before you buy --presumably 30 day return period .Its a very good machine for street price so is in target range for everyone here :slight_smile:


Not that easy in Australia unfortunately


MODX6 AU$1599 from Store DJ


Yeah pain in the arse to return I mean


How about the touchscreen? Do you think it’s durable enough to last more than 5 years?


I would presume it’s impossible to tell.
Only time will tell
Even an iPad is impossible to tell how long the screen will last.
I’m on my third iPad.
First one screen still going after 8 years
Second one screen just died after 3 years


Montage been out a while and has same screen as far as I know?
Wonder if any reported issues with its screen yet?


And the other question is what does it cost to repair, and availabilty of parts longer term? A place like Sweetwater that has their own repair center ought to be able to answer questions like these. Personally i’d want to stock my own reserve repair part(s) if it was at all prone to failure.

My assumption is they are using a capacitive technology (like the iPad), which will have better endurance. The older resistive touch screens (perhaps that was what was in the Korg?) tend to wear out in areas where they are frequently touched. (Reference)

Finding out the touch screen technology of the MODX would also be a good question for the tech folk at Sweetwater.


Yeah, the M3 has a resistive touch screen.

Montage has been out for about 2 years now, so the lack of reports of the touch screen to date does look promising.

Comments seen on Keyboard Corner:

It’s plastic, but I wouldn’t call it “mushy”. I think know what you mean though, and it’s that type of screen. It’s pretty firm (of course it is new) but the screen is very responsive. I like it better than the Kronos, as it always responds to light touch.

upon closer inspection, I think you are correct. It appears to have a membrane over it that distorts (physically not visually) when you press it. Like a plastic membrane over glass?.. Or more accurately like a touch screen monitor.


Well I think I’ve made up my mind.
Sounds good but looks like a pig to program, much like the Kronos I had a while back.
If you are into the presets then it’s a fantastic synth no doubt.
Back to requesting separate knobby fm-x synth from Yamaha, or maybe still try and snag a second hand montage with the extra control, although they still sell for around 3 grand here in Oz


Not going to wait for the editor db2a is talking about? :wink:

I believe what he said - I imagine even Richard Devine’s patience, despite his professed love of FM synthesis, would be sorely tested without the editor.


Yeah I guess we will see what happens down the track


db2a’s Samplebot idea is interesting to me. I don’t have a Waldorf Quantum and probably never will, but it might be useful to gather samples of my Lyra-8 and Korg MS-20 Mini - neither of which have patch memory - for playback via the AWM2 side. The XA aspect of AWM2 offers some useful options for sample switching and that kind of stuff.


Yeah I have zero interest in the sample playback side of the synth, hence the reason it makes it a harder purchase


@d2ba is this the editor?


Came up in a discussion about how MODX presets are stereo-ized via the effects and how much easier it is to edit the elements and FX with Melas’ software.


get a digitone



Digitone looks fun but not quite enough under the hood to justify purchase for me
For a little more coin I would definitely take the MODX over it