Yamaha MODX Synthesizer


Gotta say I like that piano sound at 13:00. Some will say its the most shit piano ever but there’s a quirkiness to it that I like. I’m not too crazy about ultra-realiism in a synth/rompler anyway.

“…conceived in the dark ice kingdom…” Sold!


First demo I’ve seen with an iPad sitting on top of the MODX. Also the first demo I’ve seen of the audio input for syncing and possible envelope following (sidechaining). Sync seems solid enough for four-on-the-floor beats.


ipad/iphone supports the APP they have for the yamaha ‘sound mondo’ website where you can upload/download/share presets for the reface series and the Montage. you can open the app and instantly send a preset to the refaceDX/CS and to montage via the app just by pressing the icon for the preset. w/the reface series it’s instantaneous. pretty cool feature.


I was pleasantly surprised at how good the app is the first time I used it!


About to cave in and order one of these.
A lotta synth for the money
Any more reports from any new owners?
I presume the programming is a bit of a pig with the reduced control, but seems like it’s worth a gamble


I have a MODX and a Quantum --MODX is just as nice as Quantum in many ways


wow, what a statement - consider the different price-tag


and i wondering if Elektron is ever using a touchscreen on future-products


Yamaha MODX6 would be mine, small


From what I have heard, I much prefer the sound of the MODX


i will take a look at the manual, i want to know whats in it


take a look in the manual, i just checked the modulations-page ---- awesome


Yeah, I like that MODX sequencer exists for the sole purpose of modulation - the Motion Sequencer. An annoyance to the confused souls who think the MODX replaces the MOXF line of workstations (it doesn’t) - but a big plus for us.

It does have a “performance recorder” but for most peeps’ purposes, it’s not a sequencer - no editing of any kind.

The last (to date) video I posted is the only one I found so far that shows the audio input functions - the audio sync and the envelope follower. I’ll have some fun testing with Euclidean rhythms coming from a BramBos app on iPad connected to the USB jack, Senode-generated stuff, etc.


I really hope Elektron don’t go with touch screens. I can’t stand them. The UX generally feels forced and I feel like they slow down work flow. Clever nav elements like a jog wheel, 4 way arrow keys and soft keys on the other hand, tend to improve work flow in my experience.


The touchscreen on the Korg M3 workstation line has some known issues. I have an M3 61 myself. I try to avoid pressing on it as much as possible after I found out how delicate it actually is. It can be easily damaged and stop working.

I would hope the MODX and the big brother Montage have more durable touchscreens, but we’ll see.


Best two digital synths on the planet right now (i like the MODX better than Montage series!)
Quantum and MODX6


Would you care to contrast them in any way d2ba?

Obvious in synthesis capabilities. But even things more peripheral, like the quality of the touch screens. Or the quality and merits of the relative designs of the control surfaces. Or even farther down the list, the ability to act as a controller – Waldorf prides itself with the Quantum for being a fully functioning controller. Does the MODX do that at all?

This is a wide open sort of question – but your reactions would no doubt be of interest here.



How’s the MODX touchscreen? Is it as squishy and prone to damage as the Korg M3 touchscreen? Or does it feel solid and capable of taking years of fingering?


well, in a decade he can tell


I’ve been asking around about the touchscreen. People say its great and stuff, but nobody wants to talk about the durability. I don’t think it’s an unreasonable question - can you use it without worrying about it breaking or not? Simple yes or no question.

Maybe it’s a dirty secret…