Yamaha MODX Synthesizer


You might have a shot with the 8.

It had slipped my mind how thick the 8 is. Is it also deeper – it looks it.

EDIT: Oops you are right konputa these are the Montage pictures – my bad. Left the picture up so you can compare the three Montages with the three MODX. They are spaced differently aren’t they!


That is the Montage though. Check out the space on the MODX.

I’m not a fiend for workstations by any means but the FM stuff is exciting to me.


So the MODX8 is thicker and deeper too.


Looking at the images it looks like an OT would hang over the edge of the 76 key version but a DT would be fine.

Only 30lbs for the 88 key??? I’m so used to them being a 2 person lift. That 88 key might be lighter than my mk1 DX-7. XD

*confirmed. 2lbs lighter than a mk1 DX-7.


But it is still almost double the weight of the 7 – must be with the hammers and all they don’t have room for the helium bags.

Interesting to compare the Montage and MODX, they moved the controls to the right on the MODX – the 8 in particular.


hell yeah


If the keybed on the 76 feels better than my Novation ReMote 61 MK2
if the effects and audio engine are high enough quality (not some weird ass dumbed down compressed waveform Motif-only-in-name thing)

then I’ll sell my FS1R for this. I sincerely miss having a good Yamaha keybed as a master and I don’t care that much the formant stuff in the FS1R…I’m more happy stacking with AWM2 breathy stuff.


Right. I use my DX-7 as my master keyboard. I’ve yet to play a keyboard with a more enjoyable action.


If I didn’t have this crazy chain of Master Kbd Controller > MIDI Interface > DAW/sequencer > MIDI Interface > Vintage Rack Synths, I’d use a DX7 as a controller, too…

but the latency introduced with so many 5-pin MIDI bus interconnections is so bad by the time it gets to triggering the final sound module that I have to use USB wherever possible to try and shave down any latency where I can. Thus I’m relegated to controller keyboards which have MIDI over USB…and most of them have sucky keybeds.


no friken doubt. it’s annoying to that the velocity only goes to 100, though it’s easy to scale in a DAW. The dx7 keybed is butter.


It sounds great but seriously Yamaha, you build a synth with all this level of modulation and expressive control and then don’t include a keybed with aftertouch?


If I want a synth with maximum expressive control from my hands, I’d go for the Medusa. XYZ sensitivity on individual pads on the grid, possible MPE support to be added later. Or perhaps a combo of Roli Seaboard (Block version if budget is low) and Micromonsta.

The MODX draws me for other reasons.


Montage has aftertouch - just save up for that instead of MODX


Thomann have in stock


Might have to give up that right hand space on the MODX6 that I was thinking of using for my iPad, for a Seaboard Block ;). Roli has a bundle deal until October 3.

Montage doesn’t have MPE, so I presume MODX doesn’t have it either. But at least one user has reported successfully setting up a Roli->Montage configuration:

Even without full MPE, the Roli has more expressive potential than plain old channel aftertouch.


Or how about an Expressive E Touché sending various control parameters.


Could work for some people, for sure.


holly s#*t, this synth is amazing, fully packed with endless options

for pads and atmospheres


Yep no doubt this thing sounds insane. Best sounding hardware synth available imo (and montage of course)
Seems like one giant sweet spot
Seems impossible to make it sound bad
So harmonically rich


Checking out some demos… I don’t care about quality of performance or even master quality production -just some idea of the patches.