Yamaha MODX Synthesizer


Wow this thing is selling here in OZ for only $1559 AUD for MODX6
At that price tempting indeed
Even cheaper 49 keys would be to hard to resist I think


I think it really just depends on how you like to program, I feel like awm2 is right up the alley of an artist like legowelt. You can build up some really interesting sounds by filtering with different evelopes and modulations and stacking them, kind of dreamy desolving stuff. That said I think maybe an older awm2 unit might be more interesting as the lofi nature leads to stranger more abstract results pretty often. Maybe I’ll upload some of the awm2 patches I’ve been making on the tg55 I think there is a lot to be had there for interesting pads.

@psyclone001 a 49 keys would also make it just fit the knob layout… never like the look of that wasted space


Yeah I’m a crap keyboardist and anything over a few octaves is just a waste for me. I must admit, been trying to see where I could squeeze this sucker into my studio


You might be right about AWM2. I’ve admittedly been overlooking that side of the MODX too, but AWM2 has 18 different filter types - perhaps one or more could be format filter. There’s also 9 (!!!) LFOs, 3-band EQ, along with expected envelopes - all for one “synth” - and 8 “synths” can be layered into one of 16 “parts”.


I’m curious why this synth is so thick. What kind of components does this need to be filled with? Does it really need all that space in there? It looks thicker than any of the modern analog polys I can think of.


A 49 key version would be a waste of time for yamaha, this device is not for those that can’t play keys proficiently. a rackmount module would be the way to go if they want to sell it to non keyboard players


I like that there’s space on the keyboard to put my iPad on.

Yet the 61 key version weighs only 14 lbs.


it also costs less than most of those polys, and isn’t analog, and has a 7’’ touch screen.

it’s only 1’’ taller than a prophet x, but weighs 10lbs less. perhaps it needs to a larger chassis for heat distribution. perhaps the components are cheaper than those on these other polys and need more airflow.


Nick Batt said the same thing more or less on Sonic Talk 550. Seems that it is one of those “obviouses” that may never be.

I think Yamaha may have filled the empty space with Helium bags to get the weight down.


i really want one of these, but i’ll probably just end up duct-taping my Korg X3/Yamaha DX27/Yamaha SPX 90 together and pretend like it’s the same thing


At least you won’t have to worry about a touchscreen failing.

My first real synth was a 61-key Korg Triton. I was so ignorant I didn’t even know to worry about it’s touchscreen or appreciate its capabilities. Even after I got the M.O.S.S. board (Z1 engine) for it.


The touchscreen is a known liability on the Korg M3. I try to avoid doing anything on it directly. Nowhere near as robust as the glass touchscreen on IOS devices.

I’m admittedly assuming the MODX touchscreen is more durable than the M3’s


And yet the big name they had demo it and made lots of patches for it Richard Devine, doesn’t play keys and just sequences it from a polyend :sweat_smile: they should probably make a rack version of it.


He was there to tout the FM-X engine, but it was kind of awkward.

I really like this board. No need for new gear in my artist’s corner as I have pressing needs in the money-making mix dept but wish someone would lend me one for a few days to play with


Rack version Montage would be ideal with the extra controls.
Programming MODX with its limited controls could be tiresome I predict.
Seems much more geared to loading presets and just turning that big macro knob.


Yeah, I’m more of an “immediate synth”, just give me decent presets so I can make music kind of user.

Not big in to deep synth programming - might want to adjust reverb settings here, filter and envelope stuff there but not kidding anyone, let alone myself, about that counting as “synth programming”.


DX7 has one data entry slider! I enjoy programming it ok i dont.

the MODX though, 192 voice polyphony. what a beast.


So is that enough room for a OT or DT over on that blank surface on the right of the MODX?


Which one the three have a different amount of space? Or do you mean depth?


Good point. It looks to me like the 76 key version has room for a friend to tag along, potentially in terms of width and depth.