Yamaha MODX Synthesizer


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People who have been wanting FM-X but didn’t want to pay over $2600 US for it, and who refuse to drink the softsynth kool-aid


just be prepared to do most of it on a touch screen. it’s a bit harder to sit w/a big synth in your lap on the couch than it is w/something little like the digitone.

the FM-X sounds great though. deep. a programmers synth.


Cheaper than most of the new iPhones.

Edit: was also just discussing parameter locks vs broader/slower modulation gestures with another synth head. Hard to get the latter on Elektrons…especially without slides?


For minimal techno type stuff, I think the Digitone is a better fit. No song mode, sure, but you don’t need song mode for minimal techno, otherwise it wouldn’t be “minimal” :rofl: But you got a self-contained groovebox with sequencer.

MODX has a motion sequencer but that’s modulation only. It’s got a “performance recorder” sequencer, but no editing allowed. So it doesn’t have what you would want for techno jams, by itself anyway.


Was talking about it with a friend of mine who runs a commercial studio. Says he’s got no time for any real programming/sound design and mostly sticks to presets. Long story short he’s planning on selling his kronos for one of these.




I think he realized he can’t do techno jams on the MODX by itself.


For those looking for a desktop version of the MODX, perhaps even one that is exclusively FMX, all at a reduced cost; may i suggest you go onto the Yamaha Ideascale Forum and make the suggestion. Yamaha is asking for synth design ideas, and so presumably are open to suggestions. This seems a perfect idea to promote there.

There is detail about this forum at SonicState as well.


Perhaps the MODX and the Digitone could be used together all without a master computer?

The Digitone could provide simpler FM voices and midi sequencer control. The audio output of the DN could be fed into the “A/D Input” on the MODX, for DSP effects and signal following. In composition simpler FM voice on the DN, could then be doubled in the DN midi output for control of more complex MODX FMX (or potentially AWM2) voices, giving variation on a theme. The DN sequencer with conditional trigs, etc, would be good to use on the MODX, if one likes an Elektron sequencer control type system.

Alternately the MODX, could be a controller to the Digitone, for use of the keyboard, and whatever else control-wise the MODX is capable of. (Could someone describe what the controller capabilities of the MODX are, like can it output knobs and super-knob, and various internal modulations? Is the entire thing a control surface like on the Waldorf Quantum?)

I am not sure of the things that would be necessary to allow midi signals to be sent the various directions possible, but there are ways to do all that without a computer.


Are there people here that are interested in the AWM2 voices on the MODX?
Or is it that for the typical sort of potential MODX customer here, that the AWM2 voices are just a waste as far as being interesting voices on the MODX?

Richard Devine said more or less that he was only interested in the FMX voices.


All the buzz I’ve seen for the modx has definitely been for the fm engine. I honestly keep forgetting the awm2 is even in it.


When size matters: the ModX8 is 23 times heavier than the OP-Z, takes up 705 times the space, yet is only 4 times the price.


Well at least it will be harder to lose the MODX. Don’t they put the OP-Z on a key-chain?


$423,000 is probably too much to spend filling up a ModX8 carry case with OP-Z’s


There are FOUR manuals for this!

The Owner’s Manual
The Reference Manual
The Supplementary Manual (which is for new features in version 1.10.
-and- The Synthesizer Parameter Manual
PLUS A 218 page Data List !!!

and my eyes are glazing over.

But i did find only 14 pages in the Reference Manual on the topic of Normal Part FM-X Editing – so maybe that’s all you need to know. (Not likely!)


They couldn’t let Korg have all the fun.

My Korg M3 came with like 4 or so manuals too.


Does the FM engine on this basically replace the FS1R?

Is there anything the FS1R can do that the MODX or Montage can’t?



FS1R has the formant stuff


Ah! of course. The “FS” in FS1R.

But I saw BoBeats do a MODX video where he was playing a preset that sounded just like the “shoo-be-doo” FS1R preset, which uses the Formants as well?

edit: maybe those were AWM2 voices?