Yamaha MODX Synthesizer


That was fun on SonicTalk, with Ty and Rich tweaking Nick because they knew what was up and Nick was in an NDA handcuff.


So it has (as i presume the Montage had as well) “SSS – Seamless Sound Switching” which means it has two sets of synthesis engines with effects engines, and it can ping pong between them so there is no delay to load. These synth engines have 192 voice polyphony that is 128 AWM2 voices plus 64 FMX voices. There is also a 1 Gbyte flash memory for your own flash voices and samples.

(From the Yamaha Videos)


So on the Livestream – what’s Richard Devine doing with the (massively patched) Eurorack system together with the MODX6 ? Is he using the effects or something ?

ADDED: is that a Polyend Seq in with his stuff? YES it is with the Polyend Poly CV interface.

ADDED: Devine is using the FMX synth “The best FM synth on the market, and i have all of them.” – that’s what he said. He is feeding the MODX into the Eurorack, and uses the “Superknob” with custom setups, with lots of LFOs from inside the MODX. He says he is using the MODX internally like a modular. And he likes the price!

Weird aside

Devine did sound design for the new Jaguar car using FMX !? including the fake motor noise for the electric.


Damn. No Vinyl Brake :sob:

They do have Vinyl Break tho. :heart_eyes:


Nicholas Semrad – showed some cool performance ideas and tricks on the livestream, like:

  • Using a single note to side chain the other things he is playing, and follow the bass drum (manually). Couldn’t figure out the function of the silent bass note at first.
  • Using the modulation wheel for volume alone, together with the pitch bend. He is really good with using the two wheels simultaneously with his left.
  • Using the performance button for an octave shift, for a “piano hammer-on” sort of thing.

He played the MODX7 so the three performances showed the complete line.


So it looks like that is it for this announcement, just the MODX product. No new Reface or whatever else the speculation might have been. More detail on the MODX from Yamaha here.

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I notice there’s now a sounds only video from Kraft Music and i’m sure there will be a million more on the way too.


I wonder if the MIDI over USB is bidirectional. Would be useful for sequencing the MODX from, say, SunVox running on IOS.


It ought to be two way midi on USB – can’t find the detail that calls this out though.

But the USB does move audio around. From the Yamaha page, i linked above:

MODX can send 10 audio channels (configurable as five stereo channels) to a computer DAW and return four channels (2 stereo)

That’s nice.


Yeah, the audio I’m not worried about. I thought the specs said 4-in, 10-out USB audio interface but whatever.


It is on the montage. Modx & montage have same usb audio functionality, so im guessing usb midi would be the same.


the yamaha reps are super nice people. we stock their stuff at modular8 so i’ve had numerous conversations w/them in person. i always make a point of talking about a standalone FM-x synth w/knobs and then i point to the DSI Pro-2 or the nord lead and say “it should look something like that but w/all that FMX stuff inside” and they always say “yeah we know. EVERYONE tells us that”. i think they pass those things up the chain but yamaha is a BIG company and everything that happens has to go through marketing and various board rooms and meetings and all that so there’s fat chance of it actually happening. the yamaha reface stuff (which all sounds really great) is the end result of one engineer who chewed on the ears of everyone who could and made it his pet project to get them made.

reface DX really sounds great btw as does the CS and CP.

but i’m w/everyone else who things a knobs/sliders covered FM synth is a no brainer home run product.


Yamaha won’t ever compete in the groove box market… They don’t think we’re important anymore. I work in the sale of electronic instruments and was told this directly by a Yamaha rep…


it’s funny they consider synths “the groove box market”. they’re detached from musicians in some ways. it’s a minor miracle the reface series were made.


Congrats !


Yamaha is really going all-out with the marketing on this one aren’t they? I’m seeing an unusual amount of chat and videos for what is IMO not a very interesting machine. I wonder who their target audience is?


And yet Yamaha knows enough to get someone like Devine involved (he’s like catnip for so many…synth enthusiasts/musicians).

Personally I think if they did something like the DX-200 they would at least recover their costs, especially since all the R&D is done. Well, actually, maybe not the R&D on fun and UI. :smiley:


You should report back here on your experience with it! You seem to like sound design and not just using presets…?


I can’t play I’m strictly a programmer --actually Richard Devine has an Editor for the MODX that Yamaha only gives out to their programmers --would love to get my hands on that.
Yeah only interested in the FMX ----sort of wanted a 64 voice digitone with motion sequencing of more than 4 bars


Nick talks to Richard

ADDED: This really shows (toward the end) how you can take one FMX patch and stretch it into a complete performance.