Yamaha MODX Synthesizer


My heart stops every time I see that mock-up. :smiley:


I like this. In 2034 I’ll pick one up off ebay


We’re having a laugh at those on the other thread


A Keytar so sharp you risk amputating your hand! And it’s bright RED! I am soo cool – :sunglasses:
I am glad you made a special announcement Roland.

ADDED: Oh i see you can make it any color you want. That seems to be a trend – Korg now has the Nanos in color now too.


I’m guessing Roland will have a real answer to the MODX by Winter NAMM, unless this new Juno DS has some kind of hidden synthesis powers - unlikely as Roland would have proudly trumpeted it. I’m guessing it’s just another repackaging of the aging SuperNATURAL hybrid rompler-modeling engine.

They already have a Juno model with hybrid analog monosynth-digital engine.


The Yamaha announcement must really be special, for them to decide (and pay for) Nick Batt to fly to NYC for the show just for the publicity!


All jokes aside I want that red and black keytar. I need to shred basslines on that with a Megadeath shirt on. Did I just say Megadeath? Yes I outed myself and my age.




I wanted to talk about it on the 909 thread but they turned into an iPad thread


Pardon me for posting on-topic…

“Yamaha is launching their new MODX range of compact, lightweight synthesizers. The lineup consists of the MODX6 and MODX7, with 61 and 76 synth-weighted keybeds, and the 88-note MODX8 with Graded Hammer Standard action.”


"It’s a factory; basically." – Domi


WTH… Sweetwater just took that page down.


We still have an hour and a half to go – that’s why i put up these videos they’re directly from Yamaha, so they’re official not leaked.


Didn’t realize there’s a schedule. I guess this one will be taken down soon too.


from your link Guv:

“and performance tools like vinyl brake”

I love jargon – what the heck is a vinyl brake?


Like when you stop a turntable and it slows to a stop, I guess.


For all we know it could be more Internet forum created fake news. “brake”… LOL


I didn’t mention the “Spiralizer pitchshift effect”, because i know exactly what that is, and believe me no synth shall ever be played by me without it!

ADDED LATER: Spiralizer – means some version of a Shepard tone – that auditory effect of a continuously rising tone.


OK so there is a:

I wonder how much difference there is between them beyond the keyboard (and price)?


its being announced today , they spoke about an ‘unnamed’ synth being launched today on sonic state , but couldnt talk about it due to nda’s .

not for me…
The MODX series will be available from 14th September.

The UK SRP including VAT are:
MODX6 61 Keys, Semi-Weighted, 6,6Kg: £1242
MODX7 76 Keys, Semi-Weighted, 7,4Kg: £1420
MODX8 88 Keys, GHS, 13,8Kg: £1642

SCMODX6 MODX6 Soft Case: £115
SCMODX7 MODX7 Soft Case: £115
SCMODX8 MODX8 Soft Case: £186