Yamaha MODX Synthesizer


same, maybe get an old DX to scratch the itch


Oh god no
Use a plugin over wrestling with that old dog any day of the week


From SynthFest 2018, with Nick Batt. It shows a little of the workflow for setting up a sound.

And there’s room for your iPad.

ADDED: So yes you can use the MODX as a controller too. Good to see.


Damn. Now I am interested.

I really like that they made the USB audio class-compliant so that you don’t need any drivers like with Roland or Elektron gear.


Makes sense doesn’t it. That’s why you have standards.


Makes perfect sense. No idea why so many synth manufacturers insist on doing their own thing.


Yep, MODX could be sequenced by SunVox, BM3, Roseta, whatever iPad app you love to sequence with; have audio sync sync MODX motion sequencer to iPad audio, use the envelope follower, feed MODX audio into iDensity, apeMatrix, AUM, etc. etc.

Montage supposedly also has this IOS integration too but with more channels, albeit higher price point.


Well today I thought fug it
It’s cheap, if its shit I’ll sell it, so I ordered it
I will tell in a few days I guess


Yeah interestingly the AMW2 I think was atleast first fully featured on the TG-55 as its only way of making sounds. A large number of the preset patches on it are actually somewhat abstract with filter envelopes sweeping around for some interesting resonance/atmosphere and a collection of wavetable ish saw squares triangle and digital waves for you to craft analog style sounds with.
the built in demo actually shows off some cool sounds as cheesy as it is overall.

There have been a multitude of improvements to the AMW2 resolution, filter types and FX but oddly they dropped a number of LFO types down the line somewhere… kind of sad that there is no longer a sample and hold lfo because you could get some really nice Datastream style patches going on. really slow subtle pitch envelopes and setting a bit of pitch to aftertouch is really excellent on AMW2 for a almost mellotron feeling tape warble at your finger tips, perfect for mashing a flute and a synth sound together with a little grit. Would probably be amazing to load it up with mellotron samples.


Used to work in a music store in the early 90’s and haven’t heard that demo since then (probably heard it played 20 times a day). Instantly transported me down the years… wonder how many other synth demo songs are waiting in my neural memory?


Side by side sound comparison of MODX and Montage if you insist on watching through various chords played twice. As you might expect their pretty close to the same. Good to see someone actually do this.


Don’t have modx yet and am trying to work out whether it will be possible to send digital audio to my DAW via USB from modx but still use my RME as my audio interface?
I know this is possible on Mac via aggregate interface but am on windows.
Want digital audio to save unnecessary D/A to A/D conversion and take advantage of streaming multiple channel digital audio to my DAW.
This is possible with Virus TI for example


To answer my own question I don’t think it will be possible unfortunately.
The only way I think possible would be within the ‘Modx Connect’ plugin within the daw, but this plugin seems to transfer just data only to and from the synth.
Wish this synth at least had a separate digital out.
Every digital synth should


Ought to work – i don’t have one yet either. The usb audio interface is said to “class compliant” so it should work just by plugging it in. That’s why it probably won’t work ever! :expressionless: :smiley:


I think the only way of using modx USB audio is by selecting it as your audio interface within your DAW.
I am using and need to use my RME as my selected interface therefor cant see a way of then using modx USB digital audio alongside it.
Different on Mac as you can aggregate the interfaces.
The times when it is possible with e.g. Virus TI and Overbridge, the digital audio has been routed through the DAW inside their plugins.
The Yamaha ‘Modx Connect’ plugin handles data only, no audio


You still need to install yamahas audio driver on windows.
Not on Mac


Received the synth and looks like the couriers had been playing soccer with it.
Snapped off and bent slider and scratches on the faceplate.
Plugged the bastard in and the analog audio outputs are a noisy mess.
So ring the shop and sure enough all sold out now and not available again for 3 months :laughing: (not really funny but may as well laugh)
I think the synth gods are trying to tell me something here
Also as expected no way to utilise the pristine 10 digital outputs via USB in my DAW without selecting the MODX as the audio interface.
Such a waste, and such a shame you are forced to use the 2 analog outs if using an alternative audio interface :expressionless:


you in australia and did you buy from store dj?


Yes and yes


the yamaha packaging is bullet proof --was box dropped?