Yamaha MODX Synthesizer


Box looked intact
Not double boxed like some gear though
Who knows what happened??


That is bad. Good that it works at all though.

So does the dealer say you can keep it for the three months while you’re waiting? Or could they fix it and then give you a discount on the repaired unit? I’m trying to make lemonade here. Doesn’t sound like Yamaha could have done much to have stopped this - they should be told if they could have though.

Other than that how does it sound? – i have you on the list of FM synth authorities and i’d be interested in some of your insights on it.

My experience with Yamaha and Australia and Broken in shipping

Yeah – me too. I bought a new Yamaha alto sax, pro grade, a few years ago, from a retailer in Australia (i’m in the US). Even with shipping it was an incredible deal, and i couldn’t pass it up. The box was dropped, perhaps it was pushed out of the back of the plane somewhere over Chicago. A couple keys were bent, but it played. The Australian shop offered to pay for me to have it fixed by a qualified tech. I just bent the keys a centimeter or so back to where they should have been and you’d never know the difference.


they should give you a montage 6 instead as compo if you asked nicely


I posted the unit back on the same day, and as they are out of stock till mid January I am getting a full refund.
I only messed around with it for about an hour or so, and this was far from ideal as I had to use headphones as the analog outs were fugged.
I never use headphones so it was a little hard to judge and compare the sound quality.
I have ridiculously good monitors so I was more than pissed I couldn’t hear the synth through those.
I quickly searched for the most extreme, twisted and abstract FM patches I could find. I must admit I was extremely impressed with what I briefly found.
It’s no secret this is the most powerful hardware FM synth on the planet and it shows.
Some of the sounds are so complex, evolving and harmonically rich it is quite staggering. Didn’t have time to look into programming at all, but the touch screen at least seems adequate and responsive enough.
As expected the sample based AWM2 stuff is just ok.
If you use something like Omnisphere this side of the synth is pretty redundant


Great idea. I will ask nicely :grinning:


they should do it i think for the same price considering what happened


Here’s another funny one.
So I return the synth to Store DJ and get my money back due to Yamaha out of stock till February.
So a day later was about to order another one from another store when dude from Store DJ rings saying they suddenly have one in stock.
I thought sweet so placed the order with them again.
So a few days pass and no news on the synth being posted?
So I ring Store DJ and dude looks into it, and it turns out the synth that I ordered again is actually my damaged synth that I had just returned the day before.
Got my money back again. Love it :joy:


How can people answer a question about durability of a feature that they have only had a short time to test? Yamaha has a pretty good reputation with their stuff, so why would anyone assume it won’t be reasonably durable?


Do Kontakt or Omnisphere have a way you can use your samples as operators in FM algorithms? IIRC, that is one of the unique aspects of the SY77. Either way, I can say I’ve never heard anyone use Kontakt or Omnisphere to create the kinds of sounds I’ve heard out of SYs or TGs, so maybe it’s how it all fits together that is important?


You’re too late. Discussion already resolved.


Derp, thought it was a reply to my 2nd post. Nm.


You do realise AWM2 is the sample based part of the synth, not the FM-X engine side of the synth?
And yes the alternative sample based synths mentioned are more powerful and potentially sound better.
As for FM-X not loading samples, as Richard Devine says, ‘just give me sine waves and I can do anything’


Yes, I am talking about how they were combined in RCM in the SY77. I’m not asking if Kontakt or Omnisphere are more powerful, I’m asking if they have can replicate this functionality. I have not looked into whether this has carried over to the MODX.


Excellent video from Loopop that looks at the complete range of capability on the MODX.

Warning: This video is an extreme GAS generator.


Of course there was nothing I didn’t like, I’m trying to sell it here mate :joy:

Ok to very quickly summarise.

What I like is the real diversity of the sounds onboard. It’s like omnisphere in a keyboard really, though it has the advantage over omnisphere of instant and seamless patch changing (you will wait a few seconds for patches to load with omnisphere).
The fm-x engine is crazy powerful and some of the patches are quite amazing. Evolving pads, soundscapes, plucks, mallets, percussive sounds, you name it they’re all here, and are crystal clear and very dynamic sounding.
There are some really good patches onboard of both AWM2 and fm-x engines.
The effects are pretty good also. The touch screen is the best I have used on a hardware synth as well.

Now to the bad. I have heard a few people say they only use presets on synths and for these people I honestly couldn’t recommend a better synth I think.
The problem is I am the exact opposite. The first thing I do when I sit down at a synth is hit the ‘init patch’ button, then start designing sounds from scratch.
This is where this synth is more hard work than I would have liked.
To program something as powerful as fm-x really could do with at least the extra knobs and sliders as seen on the flagship montage.
The Nord 3/G2 style led rings around the knobs and led indicators on the sliders on the Montage would help greatly as well.
What I was disappointed with as well was the fact the 10 digital USB output channels could only be accessed in your DAW by selecting the MODX as your main audio interface. This wasn’t an option in my studio, forcing me to feed everything out of the 2 analog outs instead.
Would be nice if they had built a VST like Overbridge or Virus TI where you could pipe the USB digital audio in and out of your DAW, independent to your main audio interface.

As I own omnisphere and shit loads of other plugs, and the fact that fm-x is harder work to program than it should be, it just wasn’t for me in the end.
No big surprises though as I knew the editing side was going to be a gamble, and make or break the synth, and was the reason I was so hesitant prior to purchase.

Anyway, it’s an amazing synth. Wanna buy it :rofl:

Sold : Yamaha MODX6 for Novation Peak

Wow the 61-key is smaller than I thought.


This is cute


Hey mate, which version of the modx was this?


Just add the Linnstrument for expressive control


Yes, the idea of attaching an MPE controller via USB was mentioned a while back. I liked the little version of the Roli Seaboard, but that was before Arturia released the MicroFreak. Today I’d favor the Arturia even though it’s “only” a poly aftertouch controller - just my personal preference. I like controllers that also have their own sounds.