WTF 44k/24bit 1-Shot Drum Samples

I am looking for a good source of 44k/24bit drum samples. Prefer 1-shots but sample chains would be legit as well. Not looking for loops, synths, FX, or stabs. I prefer to do all the other sounds myself. I just want to fill my OT with the best variety of drum sounds as possible. Would love some reccomendations please!


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check this for Electronic Music:


This is what I am talking about! Very nice! :heart_eyes:


Reverb had some free drum samples.


this is awesome!! thanks!

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Fantastic! This is already a successful thread!

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Samples from mars


Free or Paid for?

If you want quality samples then for me Mode Audio is what I use for 80% of my purchased drum/percussion sounds.

Go here for FREE download of quality samples for your box.

BTW…non drums…

80% of my none percussive drum sample purchases come from Wave Alchemy.

Dan has a great business with quality instruments and a lush studio where they do production and design.

They also have a new amazing Bass synth if you haven’t seen it!

Samples from Mars and Goldbaby have really good sample packs. Goldbaby also has some nice freebies

Also some good free samples in this list
That list is from 2014, so there might be some dead links

This website has a pretty extensive collection of drum machine samples.

(user) - Hey, finally I have got GREAT links to hundreds of samples!
(octatrack) - Samples? I don’t need YOUR samples.



I use the machine library for drum samples they sound amazing without processing.

Not strictly drums but there are some drums in there:

I’d happily pay for good 44/24 1-shot drum samples!

Ahh the ol’ ground floor + comb = karplus challenge. I like to do this in Bitwig too!

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These samples are 48/24, downloaded them yesterday when this thread was posted and double-checked.

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Easy to convert.