Wrong button cap shipped on Rytm Mk2


Really expensive Machine to get a WRONG REC button. Come on guys…


Hey you should have seen the button combinations the Digitakt was shipped with. Atleast you could see what the error was…I must admit I cant see what is wrong here :kissing_heart:


Lodge a ticket on the site and they’ll send you a new button. no biggie


you lucky! Now you will have a spare stop button :nyan:
Pretty sure they’ll send one free of charge


I will open that ticket tonight. I hope they assume responsability for it. I would really have no problem with another button, but REC in a performing situation, could be confusing.


It’s the hardest wrong button to spot yet (seen this on DT/A4) - in every other case it was resolved painlessly by Elektron at no expense to you, they’ll send you the replacement and clear instructions.

The red colour will stop you being confused in the meantime, the circle you are missing is way too close in shape to the rounded square imho - there should have been more of a difference - this may have contributed to the issue




Yeah probably! I will still ask for it though, i love circles.


Ahh sorry to see that! Luckily this is a very easy fix that you can do yourself without any disassembly or other scary methods. Support will get back to you as soon as possible and send you a new cap.

The frequency of button misplacement has gone down to extremely low since we’ve taken a lot of measures to prevent it, but nothing is perfect unfortunately… Regardless, our support staff always report these issues to QC.


Thanks Ess. That’s nice to hear. I will open the ticket tonight.


check mine out…I actually think its kinda cool…

juss kiddin’…but Elektron are super good about helping out. oh I see Ess just responded.
they’ll get ya all fixed up!


every time i see posts like this i scan all my buttons to double-check :joy::joy::joy:


Ultimate loophole machine for the “use only 1 step” Science Lab challenges! :joy:


They already took care of it! Button shipped, soundpacks for the inconvenience :wink: Nice Elektron!


Er, there’s 2 stop buttons.