Wow Craigslist is on its way back... its got stuff I haven't seen in a long time... Reverb Shenanigans are coming home to roost

I guess it’s different all around the country but craigslist in Los Angeles is getting good, I’m seeing a lot of good stuff


Easy to check with

But I think the good deals are more a bellwether of impending recession than a rejection of Reverb. Though both factors can be at play.


ooh nice tip

Could just be LA people cashing out before moving to less expensive locales. I did the same before leaving SF.

Chicago Craigslist is still remarkably lame considering this city’s musical heritage.


you know what’s weird about Chicago, when I was visiting I went to a lot of major stores, and they were willing to give better deals than the major stores in Los Angeles…


The thing about Craigslist is there are so many bots used by scammers that will text you to try to scam you after you list. And a lot of folks don’t want to deal with that.

I just tell people to CALL me if interested, it weeds out the scammers. Though I still get plenty of texts, and some will try to get you to call them. I ignore them as well.

But an even better solution is to buy and sell right here on Elektronauts marketplace. I also use MW and Lines forum. Better to deal in communities you’re familiar with.


I’m been on that for a few years. Lots of gearheads who (understandably) want nothing to do with EBay/Reverb and FB are back to dealing locally on CL. Definitely a full circle situation.

This is true… I’m most comfortable dealing with people on here, MW second, maybe CL third.

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yeah I’m loving craigslist right now though… but I also use elektronauts to buy stuff, you can get a feel of the person and how good they are at taking care of their gear… all of the purchases I’ve made on the forum have been great, and the people have sent the gear to us with the care that I’d like to receive…


one more for you… don’t filter by category>Musical Instruments in your searches.

I got a mean deal on a pair of Electro-Voice powered PA speakers some years ago. The guy had them listed in the kitchen appliances section, and no one was finding them. So he just kept dropping the price $100 every 2 weeks. Found them through a google search (4th page!) randomly while researching that particular model, made the 3 hour drive to Columbus, OH and got $1600 worth of boom-boom for $400. He threw in a bunch of cables, a peavey battery powered mixer, and a Sierra club backpack to boot.

If you filter, you may miss out on deals that are mis-categorized.


If only the started taxing people to post on social media the world might starting feeling more like 2010 again.

I got one as well, when you search also use the commonly misspelled spelling of the word, it’s amazing what kind of deals you can find attributed to bad spelling lol


///types “analogue ritm” into searchtempest\\


Back in the day their was a website called something like fatfingers which would search for misspellings of items listed on eBay such as Addidas.


yep yep!! it’s like a treasure hunt

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A buddy of mine joked with me that the prices on Chi Craigslist are high because most of the people participating have been kicked out of the music shops for annoying the employees (haggling, loitering). And when you can’t buy it new locally, $50 under new for “very good” condition is the only deal you can get. ha


I often wonder about those things in weird categories. I found a MDmk2UW buried in a “cash registers” category on eBay once. I was the only bidder and the owner was kinda annoyed I even bid. Like I foiled some secret plan he had.


The town I live in is so small it doesn’t even have a Craigslist. The nearest city with a Craigslist is a two hour drive away. As is the nearest store that sells clothes. Ugh, I miss the city sometimes.


By my estimation, craigslist around here (Seattle) is about the same as it ever was. I use it a lot during the gassy times.

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Yeah, seattle craigslist has always been pretty solid