World Cup ‘22…Field Fairies Unite!

Anyone watching? Predictions? Surprising results? Am I the only one sitting in bed watching Wales vs. Iran at 3 a.m.? Enlighten me.

Keep it friendly, but not too friendly… Have at it ladies and gents. :soccer:


I‘m only watching game summaries in the evening. Not getting into the whole pile of garbage that surrounds all of these events (including the Europen Cup) because of the organizations behind it and I just hope that some underdog wins. The usual suspects are spoiled already and fall easier than a leaf in the wind. Makes me angry watching it :sweat_smile:


My money is always on Antarctica. Go Penguins!


Yes, watching as many games as time and work allows. There’s been some great results and goals so far. I’ve been excited for months waiting for it to come around, pretty much since the end of the Women’s Euro’s

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Just reading summaries this year. Not a single minute of advertising-money from me. Sucks a lot, as I never missed matches normally:(


I’m not a football fan at all but I’ve been watching bits of the matches in my work breaks.

It’s been fantastic watching Argentina and Germany lose. Even today I enjoyed watching Wales lose to Iran, and I’m from the UK.

Just found it immensely enjoyable to see the underdogs prevail. Yes I appreciate Wales we’re also underdogs, but I was still routing for Iran.

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I’m rooting for Senegal and Mexico this year. I’m glad to see the top teams get spanked, although I think France will still be a tough team to beat

Ecuador-Netherlands game is great so far - Ecuador is looking good!

I’m hoping Canada can grind out a win. It’s been 36 years since they were last in (and the only other time they qualified) and they didn’t even score a goal.

By that measure, even scoring a goal would be an achievement to celebrate.


Trying to steer clear of the whole thing and hoping that my home country’s team will be sent packing on Sunday.


I was in two minds about watching any of it before it started but I’ve watched the first and current England game and a few bits and bobs of the other games.

The atmosphere at the games seems to be improving, the stands seemed pretty dead the first few days. Been some decent games though, a lot more competitive than you might expect.

I’d be quite happy to see the various associations break away from FIFA after this tournament, it’s the least they deserve.


Same. I watch some summaries though
First worldcup since 94 where I don’t watch the matches

One can always sail the high seas for a free stream. Nothing gained by them by doing that.

I agree with the general contempt of the entire event as far as fifa and other corrupt officialdom goes. At the same time I don’t think the athletes should pay the price for that corruption.

Similar to the Olympics, many an athlete are fulfilling their life’s dream at these events and that should be generally appreciated.

As a Canadian I have a team to cheer for this time around and that is pretty fun. The lads worked hard to get there so I’ll make sure to watch when I can.

Today I am baking and cooking the day away while watching the matches. I usually just cheer for the underdog because who doesn’t like a spoiler at the cup?!


I feel the same. But I have a terrible taste in my mouth this time around. My favourite event on the calendar since I was a kid, and I’m not enjoying it at all


Soccer/Football … could there me a more boring, monotonous, overhyped commercially-infested game to watch?

On my deathbed I will look back in regret only at the 90 minutes of my life I once wasted watching a full game.

And don’t get me started on cricket…



Was it England v USA yesterday by any chance


if you watch soccer - they maybe yes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You’ve not watched American football then? :grin:


That at least had some entertainment value to see two of the world’s greatest sporting egos both walking away feeling disappointed.

Don’t get me wrong, I love individual English and American folk, but everyone enjoys their flag-waving events falling flat. It brings the world together :rofl:

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