Working on Syntakt sound pack

Do you want them? if so…
Would you want patterns as well?
What genre or styles would you want covered?
Anything else?
Happy to hear your thoughts and opinions!


I like tweaking things myself but packs that have anything to do with ambient / experimental is always nice!


If you can put together a pack full of decent hihats and cymbals you’ll probably have a lot of happy customers.


Are those so bad in ST?

Not so bad, but probably the most time consuming element, from a sound design perspective.

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Interesting, thanks for your replies so far guys.

Long story short I’m after a new synth that I can create ‘sound packs’ for but that also fits in my set up. I was considering a Digitone, but I have a suspicion the market for Digitone sound packs is a bit saturated. While maybe there wont be much demand for ‘sounds packs’ for the Syntakt either.

Either machine would fit in my set up, so if it was a question of what packs would sell best, which would u pick?

There’s definitely a lot of packs out there now for digitone but that doesn’t mean digitone is dried up and done for. Plenty of things that no one has done is still waiting to be found I am sure! As for syntakt. It’s great for what it is right now but it’s new and the sound sculpting is there to some degree but still more limited then what you can do on digitone in my opinion because digitone is pretty mature right now and syntakt isn’t, but with that said since syntakt is brand new and if the sound pack sounds excellent then I’d say they’d sale quite well right now since I don’t believe there’s any syntakt sound packs made yet?

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I didn´t hear about any ST sound packs yet, but I would rather welcome some MD sound packs.
I don´t have a ST yet, but the sound design possibilities don´t seem to be too complicated…

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Indeed, u could be right.

Thats what I’m thinking also…

I get that impression also, which is what prompted me to ask the question.

Thanks for your replies guys

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I’d be interested in a Syntakt pack.


I’d be interested in Syntakt packs showcasing sounds that clearly depart from the defaults available, for exploration and inspiration (versus packs about electronic music genres, although I understand that those might be easier to sell).


I’d go for a Syntakt pack. Anything that pushes it into more subtle, haunting ambient land with good beats to boost. I feel like the Syntakt would excel at that, and yet I’m getting nowhere with it. A little help from a decent sound pack wouldn’t hurt.


Like, whatever Tilliander seems to be doing with the Syntakt, I want that.


I’d be interested in dirty distorted messes. Patterns or sounds, away from the typical drum sounds and more glitchy, messy, muck. I played the Syntakt for a little bit at Superbooth and was getting somewhere but I didn’t want to sit there all day. I haven’t heard many examples on here that scratches the itch.

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I’ve been working on a sound pack for the Syntakt that’s inspired by west coast synthesis sound design and generative sequences. It’s cool to take the Syntakt outside of the limitations of just being a groove box.


If you make a sound pack, please include patterns to hear some of the presets in context. Too many synth preset packs with random sounds out there. Sometimes I like, “how the hell do you use THIS sound?”

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I’m going to include all the sequences, here’s a few examples.
video removed, since it was upsetting to the “owner” of the post.
Sowwy - first grader voice LOL


Not liking your sounds much to be honest. I think the ST capable of much more. Plus did you just hijack my thread to promote your own pack? :crazy_face:

love your sounds, bring it on !

It’s my thread now, baby.